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PLEASE NOTE:  We now allow non-licenced KCC Club Members to race in our club's racesIf you do not intend racing at a regional or national level, then it will be much cheaper for you to take out a Club membership without a licence

If you are completely new to racing - then we allow a 3 race grace period before being required to join our club or another.  But if you have raced with us before - there is no repeat grace period.

If you are a current licence holder, your licence is valid through to the end of the calendar year, at which point you will need to renew in order to keep on racing.  Joining after October the 1st will give you a licence valid through to the end of the following year

This aligns with the UCI season. 

CyclingNZ have streamlined the licensing structure to avoid confusion & facilitate easier administration for clubs & members alike.  

For most of you this means you have one licence category Adult licence which allows you to race a club, regional and national level for one fee (set by CNZ) + the current club fees.  Please read all the information on this page before clicking one of the options below.


Students competing in schools events are required to hold a current Cycling New Zealand Schools licence.. Please note that Schools Licences do not entitle riders to enter club events – they are for schools events only. In this case a Youth licence should be subscribed to.

The Club Fees have been increased to $45 to ensure the assets of the club are adequately insured – still the lowest in the Wellington region!! 

See HERE for detail of the current Cycling NZ licence options 

 Any problems contact Ian Helliwell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.