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What a cracker of a circuit!

Totally flat, but with lots of accelerations makes for a tough old race across the grades.   But there a lot of smiles after the racing - everybody is enjoying the circuit.

And with big wide roads and little traffic (there have been no vehicles at all on the course while we've been racing), it makes for a nice and safe environment to practice our craft (some of us need more practice than others).  

It's graded racing so we have 4 races going on at the same time - but with a time limit and then a couple more laps - it's nice and simple and nobody has to count laps.

The first week we set the D grade off separately - but we've come to realise that we can easily run the 4 grades on the circuit at the same time.   

Next week we'll bring the start back to 6pm as we're starting to struggle for light.   So if everyone can get there in plenty of time to get going that would be most helpful.

Remember - this is the summer series and we have cumulative points going over the series for each grade.  

Click HERE for the cumulative points for the series.

And here's a rundown of each weeks winners (only the top 5 are listed - see the sheet above for all the competitors)....   

WEEK 1 (27/02/2018)

D Grade
1. Racheal McCleave (5 race points)
2. Ian Fraser (4 race points)
C Grade
1. Shane Griggs  (5 race points)
2. Des Battern  (4 race points)
3. Lisa Horn  (3 race points)
4. John Pratt  (2 race points)
5. Howard Davies  (1 race points)
B Grade
1. Harrison Stedman  (5 race points)
2. Richard Graham  (4 race points + 1/2 point for setting up course)
3. Tony Levaggi  (3 race points)
4. Adrian McKenzie  (2 race points + 1/2 point for setting up course)
A Grade
1. Tristan Ratcliffe  (5 race points)
2. Peter Wilkinson  (4 race points)
3. Dwight Garton  (3 race points)
4. Paul Rawlinson  (2 race points)
5. Greg Cundy  (1 race points)

Apart from the points listed above - everyone that raced will also get a point for racing and Mick McKelvie will get an extra half point for helping with course setup, and another 3 points for marshalling during the D grade race!  (So superstar of the week goes to Mick McKelvie). Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp will get 3 points for marshalling for the main race.


WEEK 2 (6/3/2018)

D Grade
1. Candice King-Turner (5 race points)
2  Emma Wilkinson (4 race points)
C Grade
1. Shane Griggs  (5 race points)
2. John Rowlinson  (4 race points)
3. Ethan (3 race points)
4. Howard Davies   (2 race points)
5. Sam Michael (1 race point)
B Grade
1. Grace Saywell  (5 race points)
2. Richard Graham  (4 race points + 1/2 point for setting up course)
3. Harrison Stedman (3 race points)
4. Ryan Gartner  (2 race points)
5. Tony Levaggi (1 race point
A Grade
1. Tristan Ratcliffe (5 race points)
2. Peter Wilkinson  (4 race points)
3. Gary Clareburt (3 race points)
4. Dwight Garton   (2 race points)
5. Greg Cundy  (1 race points + 1/2 point for traffic management)

Margaret Leyland picks up the 3 points for being the marshal/photographer for the night (Click HERE to see her photos)

Now you can spread the cost over two months

The pricing of the new Club kit in the initial launch is low because we have set the pricing based on us collectively buying 100+ items. It is unlikely that our kit pricing will ever be this low again. This is because we are a relatively small club and we envisage future orders will be for top-ups, seasonal orders, new members etc.  Therefore it is likely that in future we will be charged the 30+ minimum order price. This will significantly increase the price of the kit. For example, a pair of bib shorts will be $33 dearer in a 30+ scenario, and a Club jersey $28 dearer.  So it is in all our interests if you are able to buy all your requirements now!

The Club recognises that some members may not be able to afford to buy all the stunning new kit they wish in one month, so we have come up with a plan to help those who need to spread the cost over two months.  

The Deal

If you place an initial order before 28th June for a minimum value of $200 and would like more items, but just can’t put it all on your credit card now, the Club will put the additional items you wish to buy through the Club’s account, and you will need to pay the Club for those additional items prior to us paying Tineli in early to mid-August.  

How can we do this? - the Club’s terms of trade with Tineli allow us to purchase limited quantities of stock and pay for it shortly before receipt of the order

How to take up the offer

Place your initial $200+ order via the online store and pay for it by credit card.

Complete your second order online but do not process the payment by credit card. Instead copy and paste or screenshot the detail of your order plus contact details into an email and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying you want to take advantage of the ‘Buy now, Pay later’ offer.  Andrew, the club’s treasurer, will contact you and will need to take your credit card details and be granted an authority to charge your card with the order value. This is for the protection of the Club’s finances.

We don’t require payment by credit card ourselves, however, if you do want to charge the amount due to your credit card in August, we will need to recover our costs by adding a 3.1% transaction fee to your order.  

The credit card information will be held securely by Andrew and all details will be destroyed once you have paid the money directly into our account or paid by credit card.

Please note: the second order will be delivered to a single address, so you will need to arrange pickup of your items once we have received the gear

The Kapiti Cycling Club aims to be the centre of the cycling community on the Kapiti Coast.  We are dedicated to providing safe cycling opportunities to all age groups and skill levels, not just racing.

We recognise that not everyone wants to take part in events at a regional or national level (thereby requiring both club and a race licence from Cycling NZ), so we have decided to take the initiative and reinstate a Club Only membership option and manage it ourselves.

Below are what we believe are some of the key benefits of Club Only and  Club+licence memberships in our club. The choice is now yours as to what type of membership suits your needs best! 

Common benefits of a KCC Club Only or Club+Licence Membership 

  • Participate in safely organised KCC club events. We have up to date traffic management on every course and we have trained and qualified personnel running the events.
  • Participate in most events of other clubs in the Wellington region without a licence. Obviously if you have a licence, you can go in all
  • Enjoy over 24 local events during the Spring/Summer/Autumn season (Peka Peka TT & TTT, Peka Peka Graded, Southwards Graded, Park Ave Handicapped, & Hill Climb champs
  • Winter series events at Te Horo as a build up to the Spring season
  • Access to a large number of events that are safer and more controlled than many of the fun rides that are held, and with much cheaper entry fees as well.
  • Access public liability insurance which provides licensed riders cover for any damage to a third party property or persons that they are found legally liable for by their actions. This is extended to include whilst taking part in an event. 
  • The club provides financial support for members going to National Champs.
  • You are eligible to vote on Club matters (like the upcoming new riding kit!) and at the AGM
  • Add your voice to our positive advocacy initiatives like being the drive behind the push for a purpose-built cycling track at Otaraua Park.
  • Be part of and support positive advocacy work we do on behalf of the wider the Kapiti Coast cycling community with our “Drop of Thanks”
  • You can join our Committee or one of our Sub-committee's to help the club thrive and grow.
  • Easy access to a network of people who are passionate about cycling and have your interests at heart. (this is a benefit that shouldn’t be under-estimated)
  • Enjoy riding with local people who love the sport of cycling on our weekly organised Sunday Club rides. These also act as training groups for large fun rides.
  • Receive KCC news and upcoming event announcements via our club website, email and Facebook page.
  • You are eligible to buy our high-quality club riding kit
  • Learn from skills sessions run by the club.
  • You are eligible to win Club trophies
  • Join us at our social events
  • Participate in our epic Big Day Out epic adventures. 
  • Enjoy discounts from those suppliers who extend discounts to KCC Club members
  • Use the KCC Club Trailer for approved tours
  • You are supporting your local cycling club!

Join as a Club Only Member for $55 per year ($25 for 15 and unders) HERE

Additional benefits of a KCC Club+Licence Membership, an affiliated club to Cycling NZ

  • Access to be able to enter any club, regional or National event throughout New Zealand, both Road & Track and Mountain Bike (if you want to take part in the Centre Champs or Age Group Road Nationals then you need to be licenced thorugh Cycling NZ)
  • You can represent the Club with pride in interclub, regional and national races. 
  • Discounts from Cycling NZ partners – Noel Leemings, PlaceMakers, Repco, OfficeMax, Beaurepaires, & Thrifty Rental Cars 
  • Cycling New Zealand Website profile and online access
  • Regular e-newsletters from Cycling New Zealand

Join as a Club+Licence Member HERE

We're passionate about riding bikes - as the above list is testimony to. And we're after your support to make cycling flourish and grow on the coast by joining our club!



PLEASE NOTE:  We now allow non-licenced KCC Club Members to take part in our club's eventsIf you do not intend taking part in events at a regional or national level, then it will be much cheaper for you to take out a Club membership without a licence (You can do that by filling out the form and following the instructions HERE)

If you are completely new to our events - then we allow a 3 event grace period before being required to join our club or another.  But if you have taken part in our events in the past - there is no repeat grace period.

If you are a current licence holder, your licence is valid through to the end of the calendar year, at which point you will need to renew in order to keep on taking part.  Joining after October the 1st will give you a licence valid through to the end of the following year

This aligns with the UCI season. 

CyclingNZ have streamlined the licensing structure to avoid confusion & facilitate easier administration for clubs & members alike.  

For most of you this means you have one licence category Adult licence which allows you to take part in events at a club, regional and national level for one fee (set by CNZ) + the current club fees.  Please read all the information on this page before clicking one of the options below.


Students competing in schools events are required to hold a current Cycling New Zealand Schools licence.. Please note that Schools Licences do not entitle riders to enter club events – they are for schools events only. In this case, a Youth licence should be subscribed to.

The Club Fees have been increased to $45 to ensure the assets of the club are adequately insured – still the lowest in the Wellington region!! 

See HERE for detail of the current Cycling NZ licence options 

 Any problems contact Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.