Kapiti Cycling Club

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Here are my first 10 gems I have discovered during my short exposure to cycling:


  • GET YOUR BIKE FITTED! (yes I am shouting this).  Having spent my first few weeks riding a bike that I knew to be uncomfortable and not setup for me and googling complex formulas for seat height I went to a friendly bike shop and paid some money for a basic fitting.  The difference is amazing !!  Get it done early and avoid much discomfort and possible injury.


  • Efficiency = the key word of cycling.  If you and your bike are efficient you can ride faster, further and more comfortably.


  • Frequent your local bike store.  You can pick up loads of info, lust after shiny new bikes and generally talk cycling.  Lets face it the non lycra wearers in this world do not understand and do not care to hear about your chain ring or any other ring that you may want to talk about.


  • Turning up to a group ride and being faced with a bunch of lean lycra clad riders on flash bikes is pretty daunting.  Be brave, introduce yourself and make it known what your ability is.  If the group is going on ride that is outside your ability then ask if anyone is doing an alternative ride.


  • Dont try and keep up with the big guns, let them go


  • Invest in good cycle pants


  • Always carry inner tubes, pump, drink (unless under 30mins), mobile phone (to call for help if you run out of inner tubes), ID (in case the truck wins), money (for coffee).


  • Shave with the grain.  Dont trust anyone who suggests going against the grain.  They are either mad, masochistic or have only light fluff on their legs rather than copius number 8 wire type growth.


  • Ask questions but dont expect all answers to be correct. Ask several riders as their opinions may differ wildly.  Take what works for you.


  • It is best to check where other riders are and to allow for the wind before spitting or clearing your nostrils