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Kapiti Cycling Club November Climbing Challenge

In the first of irregular monthly cycling challenges, November kicks off with a three-hill climb challenge based on Strava KOM/QOM times.

The Challenge start on 1st November and finishes on the 30th November. The three climbs are Hadfield, Akatarawa and Maungakotukutuku, two at least are regular KCC climbs.  Only the Strava segments identified in this document are eligible.

The rules are simple and straightforward:

o   25 points for each fastest ride – total of 75 if fastest on all three climbs

o   23 points second fastest

o   21 points third fastest

o   19 points fourth then 18-17-16-15 etc

o   All riders will receive 5 points if outside top 17

o   Hadfield:                             

o   Akatarawa:                         

o   Maungakotukutuku:       

Any queries, comments etc to be directed in the first instance to the Club Captain