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Bunch Surfing Masterclass
Tuesday 04 February 2020, 06:30pm
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 There are some people that know there way around a bunch like 2nd nature.  Paul Rawlinson has this in spades.  He knows where to be to use as little energy as possible - and converse to that - how to expend energy wisely when you do make a move.   How to get the most out of yourself by using cunning as well as fitness (sometimes instead of fitness).  


Tactics tactics tactics. 

The session will cover tactics for yourself and sometimes for a team or a friend who you are trying to promote. In my experience bunch tactics are very seldom taught - it's something you just pick up by osmosis (if at all).  And tactics aren't just for the ultra-competitive racers, it's also massively important for negotiating fun rides or even friendly Sunday bunch rides.  Tactics can make all the difference between making things happen and wondering what happened. 


So here's a fantastic chance to get in some more deep practice and grow our abilities by breaking down what we want to work on into chunks, and then going out and trying it. This will be very much a hands-on session. Sure we'll start with some discussion - but then it will move into practicing in groups (which will be of similar ability).   That'll mean we also get some good training in at the same time.


We'll meet at Southwards Museum carpark in Otaihanga at 6:30 and Paul will show us some tips and tricks that can help you thrive and get better by surfing the bunches in the most efficient way.

Cost:  Free

Everyone is welcome - you don't need to be a club member.