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Maungatutu Big Day Out
Sunday 25 October 2015, 06:00am - 11:59pm
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Here's another Big Day Out Ride.   These aren't races - they are just a full day's adventure - generally on a different bit of road or part of the country to what we are used to.  

The first one was from Waipukurau to Masterton (with scorching temps), the second was from Utiku (South of Taihape) to Fielding via Apiti and the Pohangina Valley (where we had 4 seasons in one day) and the 3rd was a tough on - the Gentle Annie ride from Taihape to Napier (in near freezing conditions at times - with the odd hill).  The fourth one was a little closer to home with Janice taking everyone for a tour into Wellington round the bays and out to Makara and return (where it was windy).  We haven't got the weather right for these rides yet sorry....    :)  

The general formula is to ride a good distance - have lunch - and then carry on a shorter distance after lunch.   And they have all been well supported and great fun and good camaraderie...  

So - as I still (harshly) get accused of being a tad light on the specifics of the ride ("it's all downhill") :) - I thought I'd ask around for more volunteers to organise the next one - carrying on from Janice's top ride last time.   This time Paul Rawlinson put his hand up to set the course and lead the ride.   Paul has prior form with this - as it was 2 rides that he organised that I went on - that sparked the Big Day Out's in the first place.  He previously organised a winter sojourn through from Mangaweka to Napier and a truly epic ride that went 210km from Stratford to Tokaanu (followed by a ride the next day over the Desert Road to Taihape for those that wanted it.).  

Paul has a rule when he's organising these things - it has to finish at a hot pools...  And this is no exception...

There are various options on this one.  All through spectacular rural roads.

Here's Option one - from Kairakau - out on the coast from Wiapawa to Maungatutu...    The last 18km of this route is gravel - so some people might opt to just ride to the start of the gravel -that's absolutely fine - and would shorten the route to 126km sealed riding. 



The 2nd option is to start from Waipawa which shortens the route by 15km..

And the 3rd option is to start at Puketapu and ride a 70km Mountain Bike course.   This course would be 23km  of country road and the rest farm track or gravel (not too technical and a cross bike would be fine).   (Paul is still checking out permissions on the farm track - so this route has an asterix beside it until we can get confirmation that it's all OK - but let us know if you are keen.)

Please let us know if you are keen to come and which option sounds like you.

The organisation would be as follows.

Date:  Sunday 25th October (Labour Weekend Sunday)

As we have in the past - we will hire rental vehicles and take the club trailer for the bikes.   The last couple of times we've had 2 - 12 seater vans.

We'll leave early from Raumati Beach - 6am.   This will see us on our bikes at around 9:30am in Kairakau.

The plan will be to drop off the longer option riders first - then the Waipawa riders and lastly the Mountain bikers.

For those not wishing to ride the gravel - the vans will pick you up at Balls Clearing (you read that right!) which is where the gravel starts. 

We have stopped for a meal on a couple of these rides - but it doesn't work out in this case - so ride through to the finish.   Don't forget there will be support vehicles so bring spares and food and the van can carry all this.  Make sure you bring some food and drink to share around at the finish as we soak in the hot pools..

After a good soak - we'll return via the vans to the Puketapu pub for a meal before driving back to Kapiti.

Would expect to get back close to Midnight after a full day's adventure..

Cost?  We run these things at cost - as long as you are a Kapiti Club member ($30 to join).   So we split the cost of the rental hire amongst the riders - and everyone looks after their own meals and food.

What next - please let me know asap if you are keen and we'll start planning around how many vehicles we need.  We also need a couple of drivers - so if anyone is keen to help out there as well let me know.

email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.