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On the 19th of March five of us have booked an epic adventure...

 It's a simple plan, we have booked the Northern Explorer train on the 19th which will take us to National Park. We'll be picked up here and shuttled to the Skotel Hotel (which is just behind the Chateau and therefore takes the title of NZ's highest hotel!) where we'll spend the night.   The next day, bright and early, we'll ride home.   

For some of us, this is a key training milestone in our quest to do an Everesting later in May...   For all of us, it's a big old adventure.

Taking the train and doing the ride home are:

  • Penny Mikkelsen
  • Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp
  • Serena Scotcher
  • Rob Scotcher
  • Me (Adrian McKenzie)

The plan is to ride at an easy pace that we can sustain for a long time, stopping at points for drinks and essential caffeine supplies.  That is the absolute, not negotiable plan - it's at an easy pace and we would all ride together.   No exceptions.  Nobody doing their own thing.   We are riding as a group and expecting it to take over 12 hours.

And that, we thought, was that.   But word got out that we were off up the island, and a couple of others wanted to join in the fun...   

Unfortunately, the train only allows four bikes - and we had a bit of a mission on our hands to get our 5 bikes on there.  In order for more people to come, the bikes would have to travel up by road (possibly the riders could catch the train if there is someone to drive the bikes north).

So, Doug Barrett is looking for anyone interested in riding some or all of it...   And anyone interested in being a driver

Please contact Doug if you are interested in joining in: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0272 312 565)


As you can see from the profile, it's all downhill...   Well not quite... But it does trend downwards.  There is roughly 1850m of climbing - which for a 300km route is pretty low.


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