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Hi all! After 2 weeks off, I've been very jealous of the adventures people have been having.

This weekend is, of course, Labour weekend, so I don't know what numbers will be like. In truth, I'm open to ride suggestions (including joining the KCG for graduation day) but in the absence of anything else I'm suggesting the following local hundy-twin-coffee-stop.


It's hills to start:

Riwai, Panorama, then back onto SH1 via ruahine. Turn off at Lindale and do Nikau Palm rd. Back onto SH1 and then do Waikanae Downs then into Waikanae and the three fingers. followed by coffee at Long Beach (60km to this point)

Then it's a detailed encounter with Te Horo:

Off to Pekapeka via Rutherford Drive, up to SH1 and then off at Te Hapua, going all the way to the end. Back up and then Derham, Paul Faith rd. Then out and back along Puruaha rd. Into Te Horo, doing Sims rd and Harakeke rd. Then it's back whence we came (without the out and backs) and then along the old SH1 with coffee #2 at Relish (total distance of 111km)

See you at 8:10 at Coastlands.


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