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This week's all about cornering, a total conundrum for many people. If that’s you, don't worry there are many, many, many of us in the same boat.  

We’re really lucky to have a cornering guru from the club, Neil Harwood, coming along to take us through his Cornering Master Class session, and we promise we’ll all get loads out of it. He's delivered this master class a few times now, and even the most expert riders come away with something new.  Neil is hugely experienced as a rider, and is an all-round nice bloke, with a great manner in the way he teaches this stuff.  So, it's a key session - try not to miss it. 

Before we get into the specifics of where and how for the ride we just wanted to touch on the ethos of the group and how that fits into making it manageable for everyone. The key thing we’re doing with this structured training group is developing as bike riders and growing our abilities, which is what the cycling club is all about.  We’re achieving this via the skills drills and then by practicing on the roads and riding as a group. Most importantly, we’re encouraging and motivating each other collectively (which we’re all fantastic at). As the leaders, we’ve perhaps been a little guilty, in the last few weeks, of letting the pace creep up as we've got fitter. For the previous group we did increase the distance in order to build up to 100km at the end of the 12 weeks, but that shouldn't be the goal, especially if comes at the exclusion of some riders who find that too challenging right now. So, we’re going to focus on being less fixated on distance, and on keeping the speed at a more manageable level for everyone. We’re aiming to get quality into our development. Sound OK?

And for those that want to stretch their legs, we’ll certainly build in points where you can let your inner Sarah Ulmer or Peter Sagan go, but we'll regroup afterward and be a little more together for most of the ride.   

Onto the details for this week...   

Start Time8.10AM

Where:  Farmers, Coastlands, Paraparaumu, off Rimu Rd.

Session (Chat and Practice combined)

Week 8 – Cornering Technique

  • Looking where you want to go
  • Getting set up before the corner
  • Weight on outside foot
  • Slow speed before higher speed practice
  • Exaggerate technique to start with

Keywords: “Flow over go”

The Route This Week: As we're doing a full master session (rather than a ten- to twenty-minute quick set of skills) we’ll head straightaway to our Master Class location: the Kapiti Crematorium within the Awa Tapu Cemetery grounds on Valley Road. To get there we’ll head over the Paraparaumu railway crossing and straight up Ruapehu Street to Valley Road.

We’ll have the class and some practice within the cemetery grounds the go for some real practice on the Maungakotukutuku Hill. On the way up we’ll take it really easy and regroup at the top. Depending on how many KCC riders are with us, we’ll split into two or more groups of people with similar confidence levels to head back down, practicing our new skills and technique on the way. This won’t be a race, the emphasis being on strong, confident riding rather than speed – “flow over go”. 

We may choose to have a go at this hill twice, we may choose not to. Either way we’ll have a shorter ride to follow as the cornering class itself will take up some time.

Heading back along Valley Road we’ll roll down Ruapehu Street and right onto Ruahine Street to link us nicely onto Old SH1, going north.

A smooth, straight run up Old SH1 takes us to Peka Peka turn-off where we'll ride now familiar route through Rutherford Drive to Waikanae Beach and on to Long Beach Café on the corner of Tutere and Rauparaha Street’s.

The total distance will only be around the 40km mark, dependant on whether we do one or two hill climbs/descents and how much riding we do in the cornering class itself.

The route is KGB #8A and is saved on MapMyRide here: KCB #8


The weather outlook is… PERFECT! Hardly any breeze, from anywhere, and sunny. And not even too chilly at around 12 – 14 degrees. Let’s play corners 😊

See you Sunday – it’s going to be great fun.