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Hi all, for the KCB ride/session this week (any KCC member is most welcome to ride along with us):

Start Time: 8.10AM

Where: Farmers, Coastlands, Paraparaumu, off Rimu Rd.

Session Chat We’re starting to look at rotating in the bunch, where we all move steadily around to take a turn at the front, so we’ll talk about:

  • The advantages of rotating and drafting
  • Different rotating techniques
  • The important ‘do’s’ when you get to the front (and a couple of ‘don’ts’)
  • How to start a rotating paceline from single file
  • When not to go to the front and how to miss a turn

Keywords: Smoothness and Efficiency

The Route This Week: Left onto Rimu, along to Raumati Road, looping round Rau Sou and onto Rosetta.

Hugging the coast, we’ll head to Paraparaumu Beach and up Manly Street to turn Right onto Michael Street. This plonks us nicely on Mazengarb Road.

We’ll take a Left onto Tutanekai Street to take back-roads onto old SH1, by the overbridge.

On up and through Waikanae we head to Peka Peka loop back to Waikanae Beach to cruise up Te Moana to Waikanae township.

Over the railway lines ride the rolling section of Huia, dog-legging through to Tui Cres, and back onto Winara Ave. Then there’s a bonus for us all (not shown on the map): a quick left onto Kakariki Grove. At the end of it there’s a series of switchbacks to play on, taking us back down onto Matuhi Street and then back onto Elizabeth St. Fun times ahead!

Turn Left on Elizabeth and ‘head for the hills’ – but only for 2 (and a bit) kms along the Reikorangi Road, doing a ‘U’ee at the 80km sign (before the high hedges and before heading downhill to the overbridge), then head back for another blat, stopping for coffee at Relish on Elizabeth St.

The total distance is just over 55km so no real change from last week – although there's slightly more hill-work. The route is KCB #5 and is saved on MapMyRide here: KCB#5

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