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Manakau this week. We'll head north by the usual route - old state highway, Te Moana, Peka Peka Beach. Then, Te Hapua and on to Otaki Beach. Up past the race course and then over to Manakau. Returning via School Rd with a forecast northerly pushing us home.

A nice ride south last week with a cold start almost immediately becoming sunny and warm as we hit some hills. We kept a good soilid pace back up Paekak hill on the way back in unusually calm conditions  There seemed to be a lot of riders out taking advantage of the weather, as also seemed to be shown when we got to 180 after the KGB'ers and KCN'ers  had departed:  no scones or pastries left in the counter. At this rate there'll be a weekly race to get first dibs on the cheese gems.


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