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Thanks to all the lovely people who came to last week's inaugural Kapiti Corona Bunch ride; those who came for the first time, those from the KGB graduate group, and other KCC riders, who came in support and to lend a hand and a steady wheel.

I know there were some who were quite nervous to start (and I do know how that feels, believe me) so good on you for turning up. Hopefully things settled for you and you were able to enjoy the ride, the company and getting out in the fresh air. We hope also, that you’re keen to keep coming 😊

This Sunday’s Kapiti Corona Bunch ride details are laid out below. 

Time: 8.10AM 

Where:  Outside Farmers, Coastland, Paraparaumu. If you’re not sure, this is on the west side of the Coastlands complex, off Rimu Rd.

Skills Session

This week is our first good look at Bunch Riding. Our skills session will be focussed on things we need to be aware of and things we're likely to encounter when riding with others in fairly close proximity.

Some things to think about prior to this Sunday:

Signals. Who knew that cyclists in a group have their own language to keep us all riding close, confidently, and smoothly? Some of the non-verbal stuff: signalling using an arm across your back, pointing out potential hazards such as gravel, slowing and stopping. We'll go over these and discuss different options of some.

Eyes. At the head of the group, you’re the eyes of the bunch and should initiate calls that get relayed back.

Voice. Shout ‘clear’ on crossings (if clear) and ‘car back’ when cars want to pass.  But everyone is responsible for themselves, make your own mind up about when it’s safe.

When you’re at the back: communicate in time when there is a split in the group: ‘Ease!’

Some activities you only do when you’re at the back: nose-blowing or drinking/eating (unless you have that fully under control).

When/where do we focus our attention.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!  Lots of talking.

Key Words: Smooth and consistent


Taking a drink and putting back while traveling.

Looking back (and relaying what you see) while moving.

Riding close to one another (front, back, and side).

Touching/bumping arms, hands and shoulders while moving. This may sound quite scary but it'll be almost a let down how easy and comfortable this is.

The route: This week we have a couple of loops linked by section we repeat there and back, of just over 41kms. You can find the KCGB #2 saved route on MapMyRide here: KCB #2. It's still mostly flat with a couple of rolling hill sections for added interest.


Right now (Friday) the forecast is for an overcast, turning to fine, day with a slight northerly. It may be a bit chilly; in the single digits to around 11 degrees C. Perfect riding weather but do dress warm to start.

See you out there.

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