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Wallaceville return this week. We'll head up to Waikanae via the aka's, turn left through Birchville (just before we get to Broen Owl and head to Te Marua. Croos the highway and up through Mangaroa and over to Wallaceville. Having decended Wallaceville we'll head straight back up it, round to Mangaroa hill. down that and nack home through the aka's. Coffee most likely at Relish.

Hopefully we'll have as good a day as last Sunday. A few of us headed round the block in nice sunshine. I managed to slot in a side trip up Mt Cecil Rd (near the top of Haywards), a short but challenging little hill, it makes Hadfield look easy. And another fun side trip up Fairview for added vertical metre entertainment. This week I'll try and stick to the posted route.


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