A flat ride north this week. The weather forecast is a bit mixed, but strong northerly winds look pretty likely. So we'll head off north into the wind and have a solid tailwind to push us home. Up to Te Horo by way of Peka Peka beach, then round te Horo Beach, Simms Rd, Harakeke Rd and then across to School Rd, round the new Old Hotere Rd loop and back up Otaki Gorge Rd. If people fancy a bit of a climb, we'll cross the swing bridge and have a dig up Kaitawa. then back by the usual route. coffee most likely at Long Beach.

We had a nice solid ride round the block last week with some unnatural weather. It was grey and windy in Kapiti with the odd bit of drizzle. One we got into the Moonshine valley, the sun was well and truly out and it was probably the warmest I've ever felt it in the aka's. Over the hill and it was back to grey and a hint of drizzle. I'm sure the normal order willl be restored this Sunday.


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