Reikorangi hills

After a couple of longer rides, I need to get home a little earlier this week, so a ride with lots of turnback options. Huia, 3 fingers and the Akatawara hill. I'll probably be turning back at the top of the aka's, but the option of pushing on to the bridges or Brown Owl is there for those that need it.

Hopefully we'll have a repeat of last week's sunny conditions. A lovely day for pushing south and using the tailwind for a fairly quick blast down to Pautahanui. Some slight confusion through the rollers where between us we took 3 different routes but managed to regroup enough to then split up - most heading back over Airlie and 3 of us going all the way down to Makara. Plus Mark who turned round at Johnsonville and had the unenviable task of soloing all the way back into the wind. A 3-up TTT for me Mike and Leon made the return leg easier. Somehow Mike had enough left to tack on another 30k after coffee. Chapeau.


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