An easier ride this week after a hefty effort last Sunday. After some SH2 TTT excitement on the smooth flat main road, an intrepid group took on Horokiwi, with a blustery headwind on sections of the climb for added fun. And then the wind gave us a bit of resistance training all the way home, though at least late starter Mike P joined up at Pautahanui to take a decent share of the headwind back up over Paekak Hill.

This week I think a shorter flatter ride on quieter roads - round Otaki Beach and Te Horo. We'll head up the old highway to Waikanae, round Peka Peka, up to Morrison Rd, Te Waka Rd, down to Otaki Beach and then back via Otaki Gorge rd, over the bridge for a short sharp climb of Kaitawa Rd, before returuning home via School Rd, Morrison Rd and back to Waikanae.

If that isn't quite far enough we can either tack on a loop up to the racecourse and Ringawhati Rd in Otaki, or end with a scoot up Huia St in Waikane.

Usual start at 8AM at Farmers. Coffee in Waikane - most likely Relish if we do Huia, or Long Beach if we don't.

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