Hopefully everyone's having lots of fun with the winter series races. Lee's enjoying it so much that this week he's planning to follow up the Saturday race with the PNP Crit race at Trentham on Sunday morning. Most YJG riders would probably be happy in B grade which starts at 11 o'clock, or C grade at 10:30. A normal aka's ride should allow enough time to get there not long after ten.

So the ride plan is the usual 8 o'clock start at Farmers,  north up the old highway, picking up anyone who wants to rendezvous in Waikane at Bohanna Motors (the junction with Te Moana Rd and the old state highway). Probably passing through there about twenty past to half past 8.. From there it's over the Aka's to Trentham, the race and ride back as a group. A tired group if it's anything like the ride back from inter-club racing a few of us did 2 years ago. Or it's a Brown Owl return for those who don't fancy the crit.

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