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Cold and wind make for a very different type of race doesn't it!   We've been totally spoiled with the weather so a little dip was hard to take :)

The key in the wind is getting the group working efficiently together.   In my group (break 2) it took us a few laps to figure out that we should have been rotating clockwise on Te Moana Road so that the fast lane was more protected from the wind.  Once we did that it made life a little easier.     (though looking at the split times - we didn't go any quicker - but it certainly felt more manageable - thankfully for me!)

The race this week saw Break 2 go right through the field and take the win.   Well done to Mike and Bruce on the tandem - Andrew nearly got you but it's a long way around once you get out of the slipstream!

Rider of the night goes to Christine Stephenson from the Limit group.   I was chatting after the race about lapping and how our group figured out that clockwise was better - and she told me that she rode most of the race on her own - at which point I shut up!    Great effort Christine - it's not easy out there in the wind on your own.   Stick with it and I promise that life gets easier.  When I first tried out racing as a complete novice - It took me a long time to get round that course under an hour - I didn't think it was possible for a while.  I remember seeing the faster groups go past and thinking "how the hell are they doing that?".  But it comes to you if you keep at it - hang in there.  You've got a couple of coffee vouchers to the Raumati Social Club for your hard work..

And speaking of faster groups flying past.   We all need to be mindful of what that's like for newer and slower riders and groups.   So that means the group should make some noise to alert the rider ahead that there is a group approaching from behind. Someone at the front of the group loudly stating a freindly "RIDERS" servers to alert the rider/s ahead - and also alerts the people at the back of the faster group, that the group is about to pass other people.    And then we must give sufficient room as we pass - and hold our lines until well past.  This last bit is important - as I've been hearing about riders feeling a bit worried as the group cuts in front of them and having to brake.  This should never happen.   So lets all remember that we aren't in the world champs and to give people room to breathe.   Lets try and be positive in everything we do out there.   We're all in this together - and so we've got to help each other.   We generally do and I've been really happy with how welcoming and positive people have been this year - but lets just remain mindful of everyone.  It's easy to forget what it was like when you were just starting out. 


To the results!..

Click HERE to see the results for this week and HERE to see the updated points table after 4 races.  (I've added in the marshalling points).    

Things on the points are still very tight and so it will come down to this week's finale on the Akatarawa hill.   There are 4 ladies in first place!  So it'll come down to the wire.

And don't forget that if you want to be in line for prizes for the Summer Series - you've got to be a member of the club....   Click HERE to join.   If you've been coming along and racing a bit and aren't member - we want you to join.   If you are regularly racing - you need a race licence and you get that when you join.   And we'd love to have you - as many hands make light work in a club such as ours.     There is plenty of racing coming up - including a race series though the winter and racing right through till Christmas - so it's well worth joining now.    Plus there are plenty other opportunities - with another Big Day Out in the planning (a coast to coast?) - and another Drop of Thanks project in the oven - and don't forget the Club Challenges you can take on...   Heaps of activity! 

Next week - it's a sealed handicap Time Trial from Elizabeth Street in Waikanae (starts outside the Arts and Craft Center) and finishes at the Akatarawa Summit.  You can see more details HERE.  Sealed handicap means that the riders from the slower groups will have time taken off their actual time - to even up the final results.   So it's all about effort on the night.    We are fast running out of daylight so will have to move the start time back to 6pm.   Riders must ride the ride on their own - no drafting.   It's called the race of truth!    If you haven't done a time trial before - don't be intimidated - it's all about doing the best you can.   And it's great to lay down a marker - so you can see where you stand when we do the same ride next year.   In the words of the Eagles.... "Take it to the limit - one more time!"

And if you are heading to the Graperide don't forget that Adam Johnston is putting on a Club BBQ at his Mum and Dad's place after the ride and needs to know who's keen so they can finalise the catering.   There are more details HERE (note the wine tour on the Sunday isn't on).   If you want to be a part of it and haven't let Adam know - please confirm to Adam directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I'd say he needs to know final numbers by Monday.  I know there are well over 20 people confirmed already - so it's shaping up to be a fantastic night.  

Thanks folks - see you all raring to climb a hill next week !  (Make sure you get your bike in to Avanti Plus this week so it's in tip top shape to climb the hill)





+1 #1 Mark D 2015-03-20 12:21
In the words of the Eagles - 'Take it easy...'
#2 Murray A 2015-03-23 16:48
There appears to be a start time issue for Tues 24th.
Adrians newsletter following Race 4 indicates a start time of 6.00pm whereas other race notices say 6.30pm.Please confirm correct time
#3 Adrian McKenzie 2015-03-23 17:42
Hi - it's 6pm. Otherwise we won't have enough daylight. I've changed the calendar entry - thanks for letting us know.

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