Near perfect conditions saw 71 people racing on Tuesday night.  

Really encouraging again to see new faces - we welcome you and hope you enjoyed your first taste of racing.   (Be careful - it's addictive!)

One of the things we are really excited about this season - is the number of kids racing.   It started small and grew when we were racing at Southwards - and had continued on at Park Ave.   Some of the older kids who raced on the grass last week - decided to give the road a go this week - fantastic stuff!

The younger kids race on the grass across the road from the start on Park Ave.  Very safe and great little course.  And some great racing and efforts.   We really want to grow this side of the club - and are looking at new options for the kids - we'll keep you posted.  


There were 64 starters in the road race - and we got most people registered through the timing system - but a there were a few that didn't have chips.   Shane is doing some wonderful work developing new software to make the use of the timing system a lot better and more intuitive than it was.   So we are very lucky to have a software developer giving us freely of his time and I've seen what he's been working on and it's going to be fantastic.   So make sure you thank Shane.

Click HERE for the results this week.   As a word of explanation - there was a sub limit group that went first - and none of these riders were chipped.   This is why Limit shows as having a handicap of 5 mins (Limit would generally be the first group away and have a zero handicap).  

Well done to Nick Fleming - who's carrying on the family tradition of being awesome on the bike by taking out the handicap!

I'll give rider of the week this week to Mike Jeppesen who rode in Scratch last week for the first time.  He struggled last week to hang on - but this week finished strongly with the group.   Voucher for a meal at the Waikanae Hotel for you Mike.

So that's it for the warm ups on Park Ave.   Next Tuesday is the start of the Avanti Plus Summer Series.    This is a 5 week points series.   For the first 4 races at Park Ave - there will be points for the first 10 places home  on handicap, (10 points down to 1) and also a point for starting.  And 3, 2 or 1 points for the fastest 3 riders...     We also need marshals - so marshalling won't stop you doing well in the series - with marshals getting 5 points.   The last race in the series will be a sealed handicap Time Trial up the Akatarawas - so that will add a bit of spice.

Big thanks to the good folk at Avanti Plus... 

As always - big thanks to those who put on the races each week.  There is a big crew of volunteers each week and we salute you all for making a safe and enjoyable night for us all.

A few heads up's....

Check out the new 'Group Rides' page I've added to the site

This can be accessed from the main menu on the front page (it's the rightmost menu item).   There is details of our affliated groups and some new information on this page about an email group we've set up for people who are commuting to and from Wellington by bike.   If you have a regular ride that you want included - there is an email at the bottom of the page you can contact.

There are a couple of really interesting things going on this weekend too...

Firstly - on Saturday there is a Mountain Bike Skills event - that a lot of people are going to.   Details HERE.  Big thanks to Brent Atkins who runs the No Shadows group for putting this on.   Looks like it's going to be a cracker.

And secondly - if you want a change from your regular thing on a Sunday - there are a group of people who are taking on the Aoraki\Mt Cook Personal Challenge.   Click HERE for details of this.   To gain the awards and Kudos - you can climb the Maungatuk hill until you've climbed the equivalent of Aoraki\Mt Cook.   This means 21 climbs of the hill.   You can do it individually for a Gold level acheivment, as a pair (10.5 climbs each) for Silver - or as a threesome (7 times each) for Bronze.   Big thanks to Amanda Ashcroft and Sheryl Morris for taking the initiative on this one.   (I can report that a Personal Challenge has already been completed - Iain Clark did 300km in a day to achieve a Gold level on the K's in a day challenge - watch for his report coming soon)

Before I go - here's a great photo of Gary Clareburt, Dianna Borman and John Pratt who all medalled at the Masters games a couple of weeks back (photo taken before racing last week)...   Well done!

Thanks folks!

See you all next week.




+1 #1 Ranga 2015-02-20 20:50
I have to totally agree with you Adrian, the kids racing is a hoot to watch, as they show some serious skills jostling for position. The biggest incentive to watch them, is simply seeing how much they love to ride their bikes (remind you of anyone?), and the smiles at the end of racing...Hey, how about coming over to the grass once your registered, and creating an unforgettable cheering committee for the kids. Remember, we've all been kids once, and how much did we shine when adults that we looked up to said something nice, or even heaven forbid, cheered us on? What a great idea you may say...whilst you're waiting to race you can enjoy an old school grass roots racing spectacle, and it may even help remove any of your pre-race nerves.

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