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Apologies for the late post.

This week we have Neil Harwood giving his Cornering Master Class session. This time around Neil is giving theory while Adrian will take the part of 'crash test dummy' as Neil is off the bike with a smashed shoulder.

Start Time: 8.10AM  

Where:  Farmers, Coastlands, Paraparaumu, off Rimu Rd. 

The Route This Week: As we're doing a full master session we’ll head straightaway to our Master Class location: the Kapiti Crematorium within the Awa Tapu Cemetery grounds on Valley Road. To get there we’ll head over the Paraparaumu railway crossing and straight up Ruapehu Street to Valley Road. 

We’ll have the class and some practice within the cemetery grounds with the real practice when we head to Maungakotukutuku Hill. On the way up we’ll take it really easy (it’s not a long, or a steep hill) and regroup at the top. Depending on riders we may split into two or more groups of people with similar confidence levels to head back down, practicing skills and technique on the way. This won’t be a race, the emphasis being on strong, confident riding rather than speed – “flow over go”.  

We may choose to have a go at this hill twice (or maybe 54 times), we may choose not to. Either way we’ll have a shorter ride to follow as the cornering class itself will take up some time. 

Heading back along Valley Road we’ll head back down Ruapehu Street and take the right onto Ruahine Street that links us nicely onto Old SH1 heading north. A smooth, straight run-up Old SH1 takes us to Peka Peka turn-off where we'll ride the now familiar route through Rutherford Drive to Waikanae Beach and Longbeach Café. 

The total distance will be around the 42km mark, dependant on whether we do one or two hill climbs/descents and how much riding we do in the cornering class itself. 


The route is KGB 2021 #8 and is saved on MapMyRide here: https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/3185070241 


Fitness training made easy with MapMyRide.com 


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