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Hi Folks

I know a lot of people have been shocked to hear of the bad luck Dave's been through just lately. Here's some details plus a way we can do something to help on the long rehab road he's got ahead.

A few weeks ago, Dave was riding his mountain bike one evening - up in Taupo where he was staying at his family's bach. He'd been riding some trails on his own and had popped out on a small quiet road so had put in a bit of power and was travelling pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there was a chain across the road, which he didn't see, even with his good lights, and which he hit and came off, landing headfirst. Dave said he'd had crashes before and always done the usual; just take stock and get up - but this time he couldn't move. Even realizing this he remembers staying really calm and thinking to himself "Bugger - I've broken my neck". As if that wasn't enough to deal with, he was on his own and not in a place where a lot of people come in the evening - and it was dark and cold. All he could do was yell for help - and that's what he did. Apparently someone across the river eventually heard his calls and an hour and a half after coming off the police arrived to an immobile and hypothermic Dave. 

After a couple of hospitals that didn't have the specialised facility to fully care for his injury, he was taken by ambulance to Auckland (as the weather was too bad for a helicopter). A scan showed that the disc between C3 and C4 was squashed flat and Dave was immediately operated on to remove the disc and put a plate in place between C3/4 to help reduce the swelling and allow some feeling to return, though this didn't happen quickly.  

Fast forward to now and he's made really good progress. Feeling has returned to varying degrees to all Dave's limbs and he's in a rehab facility and working really hard.

Although he's in for a long road to recovery, Dave's got the huge advantage of being in really good shape leading into this, plus, when talking to him his strong, positive attitude shines through. He's getting stuck into doing whatever he can to work through all that's come his way, and Tatia, Dave's wife, is heading backwards and forward to Auckland to be with him as much as possible (though she told us the new rehab ward rules are really strict about visiting hours and she's not been able to be with him as much as she could previously).

So there you have it. Not great news but I'm sure everyone will join me in crossing fingers, sending good vibes and thoughts, and wishing Dave all the very best in his recovery.

He's going to be in Auckland for quite a long time yet.

We've had a think about how we can help and figure some petrol vouchers for Tatia and maybe some mags to pass the time for Dave will help in some small way. 

If anyone wants to contribute (and if Dave has ever stopped to help you fix a flat or get you home when you are feeling knackered - you really do owe him - I know I do :), then you can pop a small contribution in the club account. Make the reference FOR DAVE and we'll add that to an amount the club will also donate.   

Kapiti Cycling Club.   03-0732-0020082-00 

We will accept donations until Sat the 8th August.

We're all rooting for you Dave.

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