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Howdy everyone

I hope you are all well and looking forward to breaking out of your bubbles to some degree.  It'll certainly be nice.  

This is a note to keep you all informed as to where we are at, and what we are working towards.  Before I get into that though I just want to say that we are all of us volunteers for the club, and all have had our lives changed with the upheaval that is happening now.  We are doing our best to do what is right - and we are trying to balance many factors.  So, thanks for your patience and kindness while we work our way through this.   

And on that, here is what Cycling NZ are saying currently…  "The key message at this time is one of taking a considered and measured approach to the restart of your events and cycling activity.  The ability to meet the government guidelines is not the only consideration to take into account prior to resuming desired cycling activities. We share your desire to get back to racing, however we strongly encourage all clubs and organisers to thoroughly understand the guidelines and create their own detailed and robust plans before resuming."

So where are we at?

A week or so ago it looked like organised cycling club activities couldn't resume until Level 1. There was to be no out-of-region travel, and sport of the nature of bunch racing and training was not sanctioned.  And this was consistent with Cycling NZ guidelines.

But the guidelines for Level 2 have changed somewhat over the week. I know it's hard with changing rules, and sometimes inconsistent application of them, but as I saw someone write the other day; "We are learning while we are sailing", which makes it impossible to have all the answers or get things always right. It's a complicated beast.  

So - with the current guidelines, contact sports were allowed it seemed, at Level 2 (with a whole lot of rules applicable) and these were certainly the guidelines that Sport NZ was promoting in the last few days. So, you would think that if rugby and netball can recommence, then cycling in bunches could too.  But when the announcement came from the government, there was the new factor of the 10-person limit, which wasn't something that had been previously indicated.  We aren't exactly sure how that applies to us and what we are doing. We initially thought that the 10-person limit didn't apply to the participants in the sports, but only to the spectators, and would also mean no socialising after the game/ride/event, but this isn’t entirely clear as yet so we are awaiting more information about that. 

So what are we doing?

  • We're looking at holding the Winter Series as a series of probably three Time Trial events. We will hold this off for a time to allow for things to normalise somewhat. So, while we would usually hold the Winter Series in July/August, we’ll now look at moving it slightly to the second half of August.

    TT is an easier way to dip our toes into holding, and taking part in, events again, it’s much easier to control and can be done with plenty of social distancing. We will have to be as contactless as possible, will have to develop a risk assessment policy and have a contact tracing register for all participants and spectators.

    In exciting news, we are looking to hold this event on the new loop that has been made available by the expressway work in Te Horo


    So yay!
    I have a meeting with the Wellington Centre (with representatives from all the Wellington Clubs) on Thursday, so we’ll fit in with what the other clubs are doing - but in general, they like the idea of us holding the Winter Series as a bunch of TTs.

  • The guidelines for Level 2 suggest now is not the time to be holding prizegiving's and the like, so we will hold off holding the AGM until later in the year. If the Nationals go ahead, they will be in July, and so we might look to hold the AGM/Prizegiving in August if it's possible by then. If it’s still not possible we’ll look at holding the AGM a different way, with video conferencing and the like, but we're hopeful we can get together by then. Gill has started the work to prepare the accounts, and Dave is working on the trophies.

  • It did look for a minute like we could start club coordinated bunch riding on Sundays again which would see the resumption of the Yellow Jersey/Rouleurs and KGB groups. With the 10-person socialising rule however, it gets a bit complicated. As a club organising these rides, we would still need a contact tracing register, and going to cafe afterwards would be difficult for a club to have involvement with as the rules state no more than 10 in a group and all must be seated. This means no contact with others that might arrive late or in a different bunch. With the club as the organiser of the ride we feel that we would have to be responsible for this and that puts us in a position we don’t really want to be. In addition, we already get told we are riding five abreast when we aren't, so a group of 10 will likely be 20 in the public's eye. So, we are holding off starting the club organised groups up at this point until we have some clarity or the 10-person rule is removed (we will most likely still have to have a contact tracing register in place for these rides – but that’s all good). I’m sure you will all be keen to get together to ride in Level 2 and that’s totally cool. But for the reasons above, for now, organising them between yourselves, in small groups, and staying sensible like you all have been, is the way to go.  We’ll jump in as soon as we can.

  • In all of this we are seeking clarity from Cycling NZ - who are in turn seeking clarity from the government and will update their policy as soon as they can. I’ll discuss all of the above with the Wellington Centre at our meeting on Thursday and if there is any more clarity from Cycling NZ by then, it’d be great if we could come up with a Wellington wide policy that all the clubs agree to. Of course, I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’ll do my best to advocate it.

  • The KGB program was unfortunately put on hold before we could finish it. Just to let you know, we are definitely planning on finishing the KGB program and for you all to “graduate” (will that make you all KGB agents?).

  • And on the massively positive side…  We’ll look to start a new group similar in nature to the KGB and will offer it to those people who have discovered, or re-discovered, cycling during the lockdown. We’re thinking of offering two streams; to those with road bikes, and to those that don’t have them yet. As with the KGB’s, it’ll be all about growing abilities in a controlled yet accelerated way with us. We’re really looking forward to how that might play out and we may need lots of help delivering the program. Watch this space.

I think that’s it for now. Good news and frustrating news I guess – but we’ll get there.

Stay safe everyone

Kia Kaha

Adrian on behalf of the Committee.

PS Glynis and I are keen to get riding outside.  We are doing our time on Zwift in our garage, and have had to resort to toilet paper on the bridge of our noses to stop our glasses slipping down... and as you can see - a touch of madness is creeping in...  Sad but true :)


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