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Morning folks.

This is not something we want to be doing or would even have contemplated just a week ago, but times are changing rapidly and we have to do what is right, not just for our members but also for the community at large. It's going to take a massive community effort in times ahead so and so this is us doing what we can to aid that.

I'll start with the bottom line and then explain how we got there and the reasoning...

  • We're going to cancel the remaining two Tuesday night rides on our calendar and won't be adding new events until we know how things play out with this virus.
  • We will stop ALL organised club activities. This means our Sunday group rides as well as any workshops or meetings we might organise from time to time. And we are recommending that people don't group together and go for rides and certainly don't go to cafes.

Hopefully, people will see that it's a no brainer in this environment - that we have to do this, but some may think it’s perhaps a bit over the top - so I'll explain what we've found out and how we arrived at the above. I'll also say this; if we've been over-cautious and it turns out that maybe we didn't need to do what we're doing, then it's a very easy price to pay. The price of being on the wrong side of caution if things get worse, however, is potentially very, very hefty. So cautious we will be, and with our community and country very much at the front of our mind.

So, here are some of the factors that played into our decision (the committee had a teleconference last night to discuss and were all in total agreement).

  • If you haven't heard - we've seen that the Age Group Road Nationals have been postponed at this stage until the 17-19th of July. They will make a decision on the 19th of June if this date is still good to go, and if it isn't, they will cancel the event
  • PNP has postponed the Centre Champs. They said yesterday that if things improve they will try to hold them a couple of weeks before the Age Group Nationals (PNP have also cancelled the last of their summer series events.
  • We don't have a directive from Cycling NZ yet regarding what clubs should do. But there are directives we've seen from both Cycling Australia and British Cycling (both of these countries are perhaps a little bit more advanced with the virus situation than we are, so it makes good sense to take a steer from them we feel)
    • British Cycling has suspended all sanctioned cycling events, initially till April 30th, and their recommendation to clubs is that there be NO organised activity
    • Australian Cycling has canceled all racing and asked clubs to suspend all organised club activity in the short term (which they will keep revising as things develop)
  • In NZ we have had Sport NZ facilitating a session with major sports and they have developed an advisory that includes:-
      • The postponement of programs, tournaments, workshops - including social leagues
      • They have recommended that officials, players, and committees should conduct meetings online.

In Spain and Italy, they have banned recreational cycling totally - so you can't even go out for a ride on your own, to clear your head. The reasoning there is that they don't want to overburden the health system if you have any problems. We aren't at that stage here yet and let's hope we don't get there.

So, there you have it. Certainly not what we want to be doing.  We just want to be riding our bikes, but think it's a total no brainer to forego events, group rides, and cafes for a while, in the interests of the community and doing our bit to "flatten the curve" that's been much talked about lately and makes absolute sense.

One thing we certainly can do is organize some virtual rides for those that have Zwift. I will get some of these scheduled and put them on the calendar as soon as I can. Perhaps a Tuesday night event and maybe a Sunday Hundy on Zwift.

Stay safe everyone.

Adrian and the committee.


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