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Howdy All.

Tuesday the 26th sees a Cornering Master Class session being run by Neil Harwood.

We tried to get Southward Car Museum Carpark as the venue for this but it isn't available.  So instead we will use the Valley Road Cemetary carpark as the venue for some instruction.  We will then go and try out our technique on the Maungatuktuku Hill afterward.

Meet at the Valley Road Cemetary (across the road from the Golf Club) at 6:30.


This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your abilities under the expert tutelage of Neil.  Everyone is welcome and people of all levels can make gains when you break down a skill into its component parts and then go and practice.   What we are doing in this session classes as Deep Practice.  Deep Practice is a well-recognised method of accelerating the mastery of a skill    

Deep Practice consists of stretching yourself just outside your comfort zone, stopping and reflecting when errors occur, making adjustments, and continuing this process over time. Deep Practice can apply to a wide variety of skills – from hitting a baseball, to playing guitar, to delegating a task to an employee

This is an opportunity to begin our journey to being Masters of Cornering.


Unfortunately, the weather forecast isn't great and if it's looking no go I will make a call at around 4pm by updating this article.  So check back here after 4 to see how we are going.