Howdy folks

The mixed ability time trial that we had down for this evening is now a group ride - as we have been doing for the last few events.  We had two groups going last week and those in attendance got a lot out of it.  Still starting at 6:30 at Rutherford Drive in Waikanae Beach.

It's a massive shame that we aren't getting the numbers (of both marshals and participants) to justify putting on a full event - but those there last week will tell you that there was just as much to be gained in what we were doing, as a full-on event.

The following week sees the first of a couple of Master Classes being put on.   This first one is a cornering skills masterclass presented by Neil Harwood.   Everyone can get better at cornering - it's a massively beneficial thing.  Extra speed can be had by technique alone - a huge benefit.  And in Neil, we have a massively experienced rider who knows his subject inside and out and can help us all improve.

It will be a practical session - where we get some instruction - practice in a small way - and then we'll go for a ride and practice on a hill.    We are hoping to hold the session at Southward Car Museum but are just waiting to hear back a confirmation.  We'll let you know.   

And in light of the numbers of people we are getting we are also looking at rejigging the calendar with some changes that will hopefully help.  Again on that we are waiting for confirmation - and will update as soon as we have the information we need.  Should be in the next couple of days.

Tony also has a Strava Challenge he's cooking up for December - so look out for that coming up. 

Please make an effort to come down tonight and get some really good training in.

Thanks all.





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