Hi everyone.

It's taken a while to finalise the dates/locations.  Mainly due to the fact that we've been waiting to hear back from the council regarding the use of a shortened Park Ave as a circuit.  Unfortunately, the traffic management restrictions that they wanted to place on us to run on this circuit have made it non-viable.  It's really unfortunate as this we saw as a great opportunity to provide an easier course in order to attract the widest possible range of riders.  But luckily we still have Peka Peka and Southwards as staples which are great, safe and fun courses.

The strategy we are taking with the calendar is to have small blocks of events with breaks in between to offer riders chances to develop and enhance their abilities away from an event.  Where you can try things out and grow.   It also gives us headspace without the constant pressure of putting on events.   

This closely links to our strategy for the year of growth from below by giving lots of opportunities to grow our riders abilities.

Click HERE for more on the strategy.

And HERE for the Calendar. 

We will get all these dates loaded into the calendar on the website shortly - the first two rides are up now. Please get behind the Intro to Bunch Riding / Group Training nights as these will help us kick off the season.

Some notes on the calendar... 

We were going to go straight into the first block at Park Ave after the intro rides.   But this has had to be swapped out for Peka Peka.

Other things to be added to the calendar once the dates are finalised...

  • There are some Big Day Out's
    • Eddie has one in the planning stages
    • Glynis and I have scoped out a weekend in Taranaki.   
  • There is also the chance of another "Ride to Erehwon" in the New Year (this was last run, way back in 2010 so looks like it runs every 10 years!  HERE's the details from the last one - just to get you thinking about teams and strategy)
  • A Drop of Thanks biscuit drop (a positive way of saying thanks to locals for looking out for us while we are training and during events) is in the planning stages






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