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Howdy folks

Incredibly - daylight savings has rolled around again..  Wasn't it just Christmas?

And that means it's time for Tuesday night riding to start up again.

The first couple of weeks, while there isn't quite enough light to get any formal events underway - will be nights to come and give things a go if you are new.  Or to re-acquaint yourself if not so new.  Or to have a bit of a hit out with some other riders at your level, if you are in the faster category.

It's also our chance to put into practice our strategy of growing our rider's abilities and growth from below (See HERE for more on this).  So this is the perfect time to bring along new riders or to cajole people who haven't been with us for a while to come and learn, grow and develop with us.

We envision 3 different groups catering to the different rider levels - from complete novice to more experienced.

There will also be a few easy skills drills before we get underway - just to get you all used to being in a group again and to get to know each other.   EVERYONE can get something out of these drills.  

If you are new to riding - or new to group riding - these are perfect nights to come and try things out and learn from some helpful more experienced riders.

So - where and when?

There will be Tuesday night events - catering to all levels of rider - following these 3 practice nights.  So this is the perfect way to ease yourself (back) into our events.

We look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday night.


Adrian McKenzie