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Howdy everyone

Here's a brief rundown of the AGM and prizegiving evening.

The AGM was mainly about presenting the President's and Treasurer's reports.   

My president's report celebrates some of our successes but also deals a lot with the direction of the club and a way forward and focus for the year.

This sparked quite a lot of discussion and got people discussing the ideas around circuits and formats and prize money etc.

Please have a look at the document as it frames much of what we will be doing this year.   The calendar has been restructured and that is a key strategic change and a direct result of the process and outcomes related in the report. 

Click HERE to see the President's report.

Click HERE to see the Treasurer's report 

Click HERE to see the Minutes from the night.

And the formal part of the evening was followed by the prize-giving.  

Here are the details of the wonderful people who had a stella year.


Order of Ceremonies 2019

Hill Climb Women’s                      Dianna Borman (Last year Grace Saywell)              Certificate/Trophy

Hill Climb Men’s                            Mike Proudfoot (LY Mike Proudfoot)                    Certificate/Trophy


Summer Series went back to a handicapped event rather than graded like last year.  1st, 2nd and 3rd

              Men:  1 - Ian Fraser, 2 – Peter Wilkinson, 3 – John Rowlinson    

              Women:  1 – Dianna Borman, 2 – Lisa Horne, 3 – Katie Richards       


Junior Rider of the Year                                                                                                    Certificate /Trophy        


Most Improved Woman                                                                                                    Certificate /Trophy


Most Improved Man                                                                                                          Certificate /Trophy


Club Spirit                                                                                                                             Certificate


Stu Downs Inspirational Rider                                                                                        Certificate /Trophy



Male Cyclists of the year                                                                                                   Certificate /Trophy

Made up of (in alphabetical order):


Female Cyclist of the year                                                                                                 Certificate /Trophy