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It has been great to see members wearing our new kit with pride on social rides and at races, and we have had a number of members wanting to buy more. We are pleased to announce that the shop front for Club kit is open again for a limited time.  See the link below to order.

Please place orders by 23rd January, when the shop will be closed again.  Orders placed will be delivered by the end of March (in time for Club Nationals & Centre Champs).  

We need to reach 30 items in total before the order can be completed at the current pricing, otherwise all orders could be refunded and the shop re-opened at the 10+ price.  We also need to reach a minimum of 5 of each item but we have negotiated some definite leeway on this for the Skin and Speed suits, and Tineli are understanding of the fact that this is our 3rd shop opening and the orders won't be large.

Given the interest from a number of you and the understanding of Tineli, we believe the orders will go through without cancellation or re pricing.  We will only open the store once per year, so despite it being the middle of Summer, please think ahead to the coming months and consider adding the arm-warmers, vest and winter jersey (a very popular piece of kit by the way)

There are a few extra points to note:

  • Since this is our 3rd order, the club will receive a 5% discount on the total order if we hit the 30 items. 
  • If we need to amend orders, we will contact those individuals who have ordered them to consider options.  

If you have any queries about the kit please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@kapiticyclingclub.co.nz 

I also have the following items in stock for immediate delivery

Aero Race Shirt M
Men's Club Jersey L
Men's Club Jersey M
Men's Bib Shorts M 
Aero Race Winter Jersey M

Happy shopping!




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