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Just a little bit of background on the proposal to build a multipurpose sports circuit at Otaraua Park that we've been working on since 2013.  Here's the blurb we used to start things off, which gives a bit of detail about what it's about.

"We would like Council to consider a proposal from our group to build a self-funded, multi-purpose 3km paved circuit for non-motorised sports groups at Otaraua Park in Otaihanga.  We are seeking approval from the council to use a small portion of the land to build a dedicated circuit that will benefit not just Kapiti, but the whole region and country.  We are a group that represents interests of recreational and competitive cycling, inline skating, multisport and  paralympians and we seek to work with the council to bring this idea to fruition."

An example of what the circuit could look like showing a similar type of circuit in Towoomba overlaid with Kapiti Island.

An example of what the circuit could look like showing a similar type of circuit in Towoomba overlaid with Kapiti Island. 

This is something we've been working on behind the scenes for a number of years now (over five years).   What we are proposing to the council is to build a 6m wide 3km paved circuit on Otaraua Park, a 60-hectare block of land the council owns next to the Waikanae River which is earmarked for recreational development.

This wasn't a cycling club initiative to begin with, but it's now very much part of the cycling club. The group was started by myself, Greg Cundy and Andy Ross and has now expanded to include representatives of other groups and clubs.  Early on in the process, John Michael was involved, representing in-line skating's interests, followed by Steve Lange as a representative of the Kapiti Kruzers and Bryn Kempthorne as a representative of the Kapiti Running and Tri club.  We've also lobbied many other groups and have had strong messages of support from the community as well as national sporting bodies who can see the benefit of what we are proposing.  CyclingNZ, TriathlonNZ and the National Inline Skating body support the idea and have made submissions to the council on our behalf in year's gone by.

We have made many presentations and been through many different design ideas.  The very first design was a track around the periphery, but that presented challenges with multiple crossing points.  We then presented a whole raft of ideas using the top terrace of the park, but that was initially frowned on as it was perceived that it took up too much of the park.  Next, the designs focused primarily on the southern boundary of the park that wouldn't impact on other users as much.  But now as the idea has blossomed and the potential has been understood more, we are back to the top terrace as being the best place for the track.  In all those designs, however, the length and width of the track have been paramount in considerations.   There is space on the park to develop a 3km track, at 6m wide.  The other tracks of this nature around the world are primarily short criterium circuits for cycling only.  This track is multi-use, not just for cycling and not just for racing on (recreational use and training will be a big aspect of the circuit)  And at 3km long, it can be split into smaller circuits so that multiple groups can be using the circuit at the same time.  For instance, there could be a cycle race going on on one part of the circuit, whilst the rest is being used by recreational riders/skaters/scooters/longboarders or para-cyclists all being catered to safely due to the design and width of the track.  The length and width also allow for a wider array of event types to be held on the full-length circuit, from short criterium type races to longer handicap races where faster groups are catching and passing each other.  This is also true for inline skating events with short and long course events (marathons) both being catered to by this track design. 

The council have run with our vision and we've been working with them to craft this draft development plan. (if we get the go-ahead in this process, there is still final designs to be done, this draft is a best effort with all the stakeholders to give an idea of the track layout.)  

This draft plan is currently going out for public consultation and we are asking as many people as possible to fill in the survey supporting the idea.  it's important to get as much support as we can at this stage.

You can see more information including the link to the survey and what it's about by clicking HERE

If you would like more information please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Adrian McKenzie

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It'd be 'a beautiful thing' - all fingers and toes crossed.

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