You can really make a difference by taking five minutes to read this and then just 15 or so minutes to fill out a council survey.

The Kapiti Cycling Club has been driving the idea of a multipurpose sports circuit within the Otaraua Park development for over 5 years. We've been working with the council and other sporting groups to develop the idea of a paved 3km long circuit to be used by non-motorised sports for recreation, training and racing, from beginner to elite level.  The opportunity of a track this length is unique and it offers a much broader range of use for events and activities than just having a short criterium circuit for road cycling only.  The length is also key to making it truly multipurpose as the nature of the design allows for many circuit options and multisport use at any one time.

The plan for Otaraua Park is currently out for public consultation. The survey is asking what you think of the plan that’s been developed for its use, and also which of the proposed ideas you would prioritise for the park.

If you, like us, want to see the paved circuit come to fruition, please take the time to fill out the survey and let the council know that you see this as a priority for the park. To our mind football fields, and other main-stream field sports are already widely catered to, whereas this circuit is unique, forward thinking, and will be a drawcard for the region for a wide and varied range of sporting codes. And to have BMX, road cycling, and mountain biking facilities in the one place is also an excellent plan.

The larger plan also discusses having a road-skills area for kids but that hasn’t made it into this plan document. It would be good to suggest this addition as well…

Here is the proposed plan (with the proposed multi-purpose circuit number 9 in the legend)…


Can you please take 15 minutes to fill it out, then share to everyone you know by every means possible (social media is perfect - use the buttons below to share and like). It will make a huge difference if we can get a lot of support now. 

If you want to see some background information about our history with this proposal click HERE


You can also click here for a link to some more information from the council

Thanks for your time and your support.

P.S.  Let us know what you think in the comments below...



+1 #1 Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp 2018-07-12 12:01
Thanks for the info. Survey done!
#2 Andrew 2018-07-13 11:56

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