The following is notice of the AGM to be held at the Paraparaumu Library meeting room on Thursday the 21st June at 7:30pm 
The AGM will be followed by supper and then there will be the annual prize giving.  Show off your culinary skills and impress us all with a supper item (or nip down to the shops and get a packet of mallowpuffs).   There will be a vote on the nicest plate of food - so if you want to get all competitive - go mad.
The purpose of the AGM is to:  
  1. Confirm minutes from last AGM
  2. To receive and consider the statement of accounts and any other reports
  3. To elect the officers of the Club and the ordinary Committee members
  4. Hear any other business
  1. Roll call to establish voting strength
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirm the minutes from the last AGM (read the 2016 AGM minutes HERE)
  4. Treasurers report
  5. Presidents report (including an update on the progress being made with the establishment of a multi-purpose paved track at Otaraua Park)
  6. General Business
    • Ratification of changes made to the constitution over the years
    • Discussion around the club calendar
  7. Election of committee officers
Nominations are called for the following positions: (we have quite a few nominations already - will update these shortly after all are confirmed - just wanted to get this published - so they are showing currently without any nominations.)
  • President (Nomination for Adrian McKenzie)
  • Secretary (Nomination for Ian Helliwell)
  • Treasurer (Nomination for Andrew Anson)
  • Club Captain (Nomination for Eddie Bright)
  • Committee members
    • usually around 4-5 general committee members
    • (Nominations for Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp, Greg Cundy and Nigel Saywell)
  • Close of AGM

Click HERE to see a description of the Roles and Responsibilities for the committee positions.  This document details a perfect world - which we don't ever operate in - so please don't be put off if you feel to don't tick absolutely every box.  The committee is very supportive and will help anyone who puts their hands up :)

Please email any items you would like discussed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nominations must be via email and will not be accepted on the night of the AGM unless there are no nominations for that position. Nominations will be accepted up until the Wednesday prior to the meeting and must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If we have more nominations than available positions then a vote will be called at the AGM. 
Hope to see a great turnout.

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