The club has been invited to join the KCDC Road Safety Advisory Group and attend the monthly meetings.
Greg Cundy will attend the meetings to represent the club. Other interested parties present will include the Kruzers, Police, NZTA, & the Cycling Action Group to name a few. 
It is important that we give our input and have our say on future roading decisions and current issues for the safety of club members and the wider cycling community on the Coast.

Matters discussed at the last meeting will give you an idea of the kind of matters discussed

  • Polar Ave link to the Expressway
  • Flush kerb crossings
  • Sharrows (shared lane markings)
  • Traffic lights
  • Share Pathway
  • 30kmph slow zones
  • Te Moana Rd cycle lanes
  • Proposed plans for carparks on Waikanae Main Rd
So, if you have any input with regard to KCDC roading issues that effect cyclists safety, can you please take photos and a pen a full description of the problem and feed it to Greg so he can present our case at the meetings. Greg's role is to present our feedback, but he clearly does not have time to flesh out crumbs of information provided by us.
Please also note that this is an advisory group only and decisions are not made by the group and are directed through the KCDC process to be agreed and actioned. This is also not a vehicle for laying complaints or request services - you can do this directly with the council by ringing them. 

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