Howdy all

We had a near perfect night (a pesky wind some might say) for the 3rd Emerald Glen event.

It was the welcome return to the race manager's role for Andy Ross who ran the event with his usual good nature and a touch of humour while at the same time dotting the i's and crossing the t's and reminding us when we need reminding and keeping us all safe.   It's great to share the race management responsibilities around so big thanks Andy.

And thanks too to the hard-working team who week in and week out deliver the traffic management plan that also informs the public as to what's going on and keeps us safe.  Andrew Anson and Dave Downer do the lions share of it and deserve our gratitude.  It's great to see others regularly helping them whenever they can.  So big big thanks to Eddie Bright, Lee Pownall, Richard Graham, Tristan Ratcliff, and Gill Donald.   And big thanks to the two marshals for the night in a recuperating Janice Hill and Katie Richards... Much appreciated everyone.

Anyway to the results!

The combined A and B grade was a really interesting looking event with the injection of Antony Nalder who's just recently completed the Tour of Southland.  Around halfway through the race the pace started dropping a few off the back and then Antony got a break.  There was a concerted effort to chase him down and Dave Downer timed it beautifully over the top of the hill on the return to the start/finish and managed to get across the gap.   Antony and Dave worked together from there and they took out the top spots with Antony skipping away a little bit to take the win solo with Dave topping off an impressive ride to finish 2nd.    Andrew Anson rounded out the top 3 taking it nicely from a hard-working group, of Richard Graham, Greg Cundy and Tristan.

A and B grade

  1. Antony Nalder
  2. Dave Downer
  3. Andrew Anson
  4. Richard Graham
  5. Tristan 
  6. Dwight Garton
  7. Lee Pownall
  8. Leon Goodwin

There were interesting goings on in the combined C and D grade as well.  There was a bit of cat and mouse going on with John Rawlinson getting away with a lap to go - but was chased down.  It was then on the final rise before the finish when the decisive move came with John again jumping away and managing to hold on by a gnat's whisker to a fast finishing John Pratt (good to see you back John).   So it was a really well-crafted win by John especially with some big guy in that race trying to engineer the pace at times.   Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp had a great race being the first woman home and a close third in the grade.  I get the feeling these 3 will be duking it out and trying different tactics from here on :)

C and D grade

  1. John Rawlinson
  2. John Pratt
  3. Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp
  4. Adrian McKenzie
  5. Howard Davies
  6. Dianna Borman
  7. DNF Max Dickens

A big welcome to Max Dickens who joined us for the first time and had an eventful night racing to the lead of C grade and out on his own when he got a puncture.   Next time Max.

Smiles all around after the event.

We would love to see more riders to fill out the grades.   We need support so please come along if you haven't been.

Well done everyone.

Adrian McKenzie