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KCC Southwards Summer Series proudly sponsored by Howard & Co

Results and Report by Neil Harwood

No Social Circuit this evening.

The evening proved windy and quite challenging but good racing, nevertheless.

C and D grades started 15 sec between the grades. Impressive ride by Kerry Graham lapping the C grade field in tough windy conditions Junior Euan Mason rode a strong race to finish 2nd followed by veteran rider John Rawlinson for 3rd Great ride by Doug Barrett and Glynis to take 1st and 2nd respectively riding strongly with Daryl Flaws following in in 3rd position with young Liam Parkes and Steve Grogan finding the conditions very challenging.

A and B Grade:

Katie and Mike hammering off front 2nd lap just lapped field at 11 min mark B grade riding well together Lee trying to break from B grade several times but tough in wind Katie and Mike working well together Richard and Gary working hard at the front of B grade Mike and Katie looking to lap field again they have lapped the field again Katie wins by a good margin to Mike with Leon coming in 3rd but well down Dwight had a strong finish easily beating Gary with a tiring Lee third.


C Grade:

Kerry Graham                1st          15 Points

Euan Mason                   2nd         12 Points

John Rawlinson             3rd         10 Points

Adrian McKenzie          4th         8 Points

Dave Downer                 5th         7 Points

Ian Fraser                        6th         6 Points

Ryszard Balejko            5th         5 Points

D Grade:

Doug Barrett                  1st          15 Points

Glynis TMK                     2nd         12 Points

Darrell Flews                  3rd         10 Points

Liam Parkes                    4th         9 Points

Steve Gregan                 5th         8 Points

A Grade:

Katies Richards              1st          15 Points

Mike Proudfoot            2nd         12 Points

Leon Goodwin               3rd         10 Points

B Grade:

Dwight Garton              1st          15 Points

Gary Clareburt               2nd         12 Points

Lee Pownall                    3rd         10 Points

Tony Levaggi                  DNF

Richard Graham            DNF

Special thanks to Neil and Dianna for running the event and Dave Downer for the course set up and take down.