What a beautiful night to be riding a bike!   

We had perfect conditions for the first of 3 handicap events at the Waikanae Beach to Peka Peka course.  

There was much gnashing of teeth before the event about it being 4 laps of the circuit - and much critiquing of the handicaps.  But neither turned out to be a problem at all - and there were lots of happy campers at the finish.

The only thing we will most likely need to change next week will be to give the first couple of groups a bit more of a start to give them a fighting chance to win the event. 

The winner overall was Gary Clareburt who along with Leon Goodwin made the smart move (as it turned out) of attacking their group with a lap to go, and crucially, before the faster guys caught their group.  And they had the legs to stay away from the combined (by that stage) groups 3, 4 and 5.  Fantastic win Gary, taken with a bit of old fashioned panache.  And showed the younger riders that people in their 60's aren't to be messed with!  Wonderful stuff.

Once Gary and Leon had finished - the main bunch finished with Paul Rawlinson showing us that even riding in his sandshoes on his SPD pedals (he left his cycling shoes behind) he can still sprint - albeit a sitting down one.   

A big shout out to a couple of the first group away of Elaine Sunnex and Pete Gibbs who hung tough for as long as they could and will come back stronger for it.  Next week we will give you a bit more time - and if you can get the group working well together we want you to have every chance of winning.

And well done Billy Gibbs - fresh back from a stellar performance at the Coast to Coast no less.  Tired legs at our event but that stands to reason.  Congrats on the Coast to Coast achievement Billy. 

Here's the results:

  1. Gary Clareburt
  2. Leon Goodwin
  3. Paul Rawlinson
  4. Greg Cundy
  5. Mike Proudfoot
  6. Dave Downer
  7. Andy Ross
  8. Dave Chandler
  9. Lee Pownall
  10. Miles Davies
  11. Dwight Garton
  12. Dianna Borman
  13. Doug Barrett
  14. Billy Gibbs
  15. Tony Levaggi
  16. Pete Gibbs
  17. Elaine Sunnex

Huge thanks to Dave Downer, Gary Clareburt, Paul Rawlinson, and Miles Davies for the course setup,  And for course takedown - Mike Proudfoot swapped for Paul.   Merci Beaucoup gentlemen.

And thanks to our marshals who kept us safe out there.  Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp, Gill Donald, John Rowlinson and Helena Clair (Helena is one of the new KGB bunch riders - and stuck her hand up to see what an event is all about - big thanks Helena.)

Thanks folks.   We're still down on numbers - please encourage others to come.  And at the risk of overstating it...  we need everyone to join please.  Even though we have reduced the marshalling requirements - we don't have enough people in the club to make it sustainable unless we have more people to help.  It is totally not fair - if you are local - to keep coming week after week and not contribute to the organisation of the events.    Please do the necessary :)

See you all next week.