That's a wrap for the 2019 Winter Series. 

A huge thank you to all of you who made this one a great series.  

As I said at the prize-giving yesterday - I was really surprised the first week to get such great numbers when the weather wasn't fantastic.  Then to get 70 riders yesterday, when we were on the verge of a storm and the weather was looking sketchy, was another surprise.   It certainly makes a difference to the series to have good-sized fields each week. She's a pretty flat course but each week there are different people in the group - and different tactics depending on the feeling of the bunch.   

And there are a huge number of people to thank that work hard with passion and dedication to make all this happen...

Each week Dave Downer and Tristan Ratcliff give up their time to set-up and take down the signs so we meet the traffic management requirements. These guys are there early in the morning and finish well into the middle of the afternoon each Saturday. Greg Cundy formulates, submits and makes everyone aware of the traffic management plans that keep us all as safe as possible for the series.   

Eddie Bright, Paul Rawlinson, Peter Wilkinson and Greg Cundy were our race managers, spreading the load and giving their own individual flavour to proceedings each week.

Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp cajoles and encourages people into marshaling each week. A massive thanks to all of our marshals, registration people and chute recorders who also give up their time and often their race to keep everyone safe.  We don't have a huge pool of riders to help with this but the people we have are just awesome and there are so many offers of help - which is wonderful. It does take a lot of organizing to get everyone up to speed with where, when, what and how (with that in mind - any local rider who rode the series and isn't a club member - please consider joining to make all of our lives easier).

Andrew Anson gives up considerable time to ensure the online payments are in order and smoothes the way for the registration people.  And then looks after the banking and producing that lovely prize money.

Ian Helliwell organizes the start sheets, ensuring they're ready and updated each week, and helps out as the assistant race manager each week (a vital role). Ian also organized the prize-giving, along with doing the lions share of figuring out the results with me after the final race - which is always stressful when people are waiting to see the results and we've got to get it right. Ian is calm and composed even when my son Ted was constantly loudly after my attention while we had our heads together and in the throes of compiling things :).
So all in all a huge thanks to everyone from Kapiti who put on a great series. I hope everyone enjoyed it. And thank you to those riders (and there were plenty - from all grades) who took the time to say thank you to the marshals and organisers each week. It's a small thing but very much appreciated.

There was prize money for the top two in each grade and free entry to next year's event for those in third. We did, unfortunately, have a couple of mistakes in our overall results announced yesterday. Freddie Dosser was, in fact, 3rd overall in the B grade and so Freddie, you get a free entry to the series next year. And we got the 2nd place in the teams' event wrong, with Scotts College in fact taking out 2nd place (can someone from the Scotts College team email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that Andrew can get the prize money to you).  Impressively, the C Grade USO team tried out the B grade in the last race and were unfortunately caught up in the crash - so nice work pushing yourselves USO's when you probably could have stayed in C grade and perhaps won that competition - well done and bad luck.

Click HERE to see the results from all the races and the overall individual and teams points.