Another great event with some fantastic rides by people pushing themselves.   This is what handicap racing is all about, working together, pushing yourself, hanging in there when a faster group arrives and making sure other groups can't catch you.  People seem to be enjoying handicap racing.

And fantastic to see that the 2nd group away did nearly 2 minutes quicker than they did last week.  Great work by Lisa, Gill, the 2 Johns.

Remember next week is still part of the 5 race Summer Series, and it's on the same course, but as a 20km Time Trial (2 laps of the course).  Due to the failing light, we will be starting at 6pm next week.

Well done to Lee Pownall who took the handicap win.  Our small group of Lee, Janice and myself worked really well and consistently together.  We tried very hard to drop the groups we caught but couldn't successfully do it on the hill (sorry Janice - you got a great break up the hill but I couldn't hold your wheel).  But great stickability by the aforementioned group of Lisa, Gill and the 2 Johns.  And some really strong pulls on the front by Gill kept our pace high.  Once it was evident we weren't going to get caught the strategies started... Some big galah attacked way too early (nothing ventured nothing gained right?) and got caught on the rise by the ponds.  That attack was enough to break our group apart though with Lee stretching away for the win followed by a very hard working Janice and then me who had managed to recover after said attack.

John Valentine put in a nice sprint to take the kudos from his group.  Well done John.

The last two groups to start came together on the course and finished not too long after the action above.  With Cam Jones taking a nice sprint from Miles Davies and Greg Cundy.  Those 3 taking the fastest time points.

Huge thanks as always to the officials.   Paul Rawlinson ran the race with his inimitable style, big thanks Paul, I know you were keen to race (it's a TT next week and I know how much you love those!)  Emma Wilkinson ran registration and helped with race management.  Our marshals were Dianna Borman, Tony Levaggi, Katie Richards and her partner Mike.   Huge thanks Mike (and the rest) for giving up your Tuesday night to help us be safe.  And the legwork of setting up and taking down the course was done by Tristan Ratcliff, Dave Downer, Lee Pownall, Mick McKelvie and myself (many hands did make lighter work).

As always were are in need of marshalls for next week (and the week after).  Please help us out - or rope someone else in to help.

There are 2 results sheets to look at this week with the race last night and also the overall points that I've updated.

Click HERE for the race result

And HERE for the points overall.

Thanks everyone - see you next week...  (let's all encourage more people to come along so they can experience the fun and fitness that we are all getting)