Racing last night was exciting, we had two riders in the beginners group so we pushed them up into a combined event one race.  The race was 20 minutes and two laps.  Janice fired up the group and set the pace from the beginning.  Janice is in good form and it didn’t take her long to lap the field so with a fierce bunch sprint Des headed of the field for second place with Lisa from Levin finishing fast.

The second race of the night was a combined event with two neutral laps to start, 25 minutes and two laps, these races are great to watch as the tactics and race leader change all the time.  Sam King and Mike P has a couple of good attacks off the front but the pelaton was having none of that and dragged them back in.

Katie trickily attached down the back straight catching the sprinters napping and finished strongly for the win.  Hot on her wheel was Dwight and Jeff.

4 more weeks of crit racing with an open day come along and enjoy.




  1. Katie
  2. Dwight
  3. Jeff Graham
  4. Lee
  5. Mike
  6. John
  7. Sam 


  1. Janice
  2. Des
  3. Lisa
  4. John
  5. Gill
  6. Sam Fraser
  7. Diana
  8. Oscar
  9. Clive

See you next week