Kapiti Cycling Club – Individual Time Trial Tuesday 4th December 2018

Despite the early rain, the late afternoon proved dry and warm providing good conditions for the evening individual time trial. Although the swirling wind provided a challenge, the eleven starters coped with the conditions extremely well. The TT’s provide excellent training not only for riders targeting the Centre and Age Group Championships but as important training for road racing. The TT discipline additionally enables riders to validate their training progress, racers and non-racers alike.

The riders had a choice to ride over 20 or 30km depending on their preference with five opting for the 30km over the well-known Peka Peka course. First rider off was Howard Davies followed at one-minute intervals by the remaining riders over the safe but fast Peka Peka course.

The “Race of Truth” as the TT is known proved to be just that with the majority of finishers happy with their first up TT for the season. The Flying Vet, Gary Clareburt was the fastest on the night over the 19.5km course averaging 40kph, fastest over the 29.25km course was Dave Downer averaging 38+kph. Fastest woman was Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp averaging 33kph over the 19.5km course. It should be noted that some riders rode full TT rigs and others on their road bikes.   


20km course

1st          Gary Clareburt                 Lap 1: 14.25       Lap 2: 14.40       Finish: 29.05

2nd         Greg Cundy                      Lap 1: 15.56       Lap 2: 15.36       Finish: 31.32

3rd          Dwight Garton                 Lap 1: 16.23       Lap 2: 16.38       Finish: 33.04

4th          Des Batton                       Lap 1: 17.49       Lap 2: 17.56       Finish: 35.45

5th          Howard Davies                Lap 1: 18.18       Lap 2: 18.20       Finish: 36.38

1st Woman: Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp Lap 1: 17.38   Lap 2: 17.36       Finish: 35.14

30km Course

1st Dave Downer              Lap 1: 15.04       Lap 2: 15.13       Lap 3: 15.26       Finish: 45.43

2nd Harrison Steadman Lap 1: 14.57         Lap 2: 15.35       Lap 3: 15.34       Finish: 46.05

3rd Adrian McKenzie       Lap 1: 15.28       Lap 2: 14.59       Lap 3: 16.10       Finish: 46.37

4th Max Dickens               Lap 1: 15.59       Lap 2: 15.34       Lap 3: 15.55       Finish: 47.28

5th Tristan Ratcliffe         Lap 1: 15.30       Lap 2: 16.23       Lap 3: 16.34       Finish: 48.29

Special thanks to the marshals and course setters:

Dave Downer, Andrew Anson, Adrian McKenzie, Gill Donald, Katie Richard and Mick McKelvie. Race Manger Paul Rawlinson and ably assisted by Grace Saywell