Well that was a tad windy, and not just your normal nor’wester either, a good straight westerly (or near enough to) to make sure there was never a big stretch of tail wind and lots of opportunity to test your sideways crabbing skills as you were buffeted this way and that. Just like last week this may be why some chose to stay home. Others I’m guessing were resting some tired legs after Taupo and all the fantastic times that were recorded there.

With the low numbers our esteemed organisers (Adam and Greg) melded all grades for a mass start, letting the natural breaks happen as they will. Howard for one thought this was a great way to start, commenting afterwards that he had got to “freewheel, and while riding with the A-Grade! …till the first hill…”.

There were some huge efforts put in through the wind. The outstanding one being Tristan with a super impressive ride after dropping off the main A Grade bunch with over a lap and a half to go. He not only worked his way back on to the bunch, only to be dropped again, then hanging in there and getting back on AGAIN, but he also then pulled out all the stops and took the sprint for the win at the finish. Adrian did the same (without the win at the end), burying himself to bridge the gap after working with Tristan and even sailing through the group for a short lived attack once he was back on (that he said was foolhardy but fun).

It was also great for the B grade regulars to mix it with the A graders and not die... (this from a B Grader).


Another big thanks to the set-up/take-down peeps who have been out there for hours each week (even when it’s been a late cancellation because of awful weather they still had all signage out and then had to go take it all in again). I’ll repeat what I said last week; these guys deserve a medal for the time and effort they put in. 

As always a huge thanks to our marshals; Pete Wilkinson, helped by E Grade champion Emma, Gary Clarebut who stepped in for an unwell Janice, Rob Paulin and Mick McKelvie (also to Tony Levaggi who turned up ‘just in case he was needed’). It’s been great to have our rostered marshal system working so well.


A and B Grade Combined – Four Laps

Lap 1:   15:50

Lap 2:   31:53

Lap 3:   48:20

Finish   1.05:33

1.    3     Tristan Ratcliffe   

2.   25    Dwight Garton

3.   1      Sam King-Turner      

4.   63    Andrew Anson

5.   15    Jon Cox

6.   50    Adrian McKenzie (1.05:38)

7.   18    Sam Wilkinson

8.   16    Lee Pownall (1.07:35)

9.   2      Greg Cundy (1.07:35)

DNF.  Andy Ross (“too ##### windy and cold”)


C Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:  18:02

Lap 2:  35:20

Finish   55:07

1.    28    Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp

2.    42    Craig Douglas (59:58)


D Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:   22:08

Lap 2:   41:59

Finish   1.03:05

1.    19    Howard Duff

2.    38    Steve Gregan  (1.03:40)


E Grade – One Lap

Finish   23:00

1.    20    Emma Wilkinson


Racing this coming week; Tuesday, 6 December 2016, is at Southwards for some criterium fun. This is a short, timed race (about 20 minutes through to 30 or 40 minutes for the higher grades) within the grounds of Southwards with 2 laps to finish. It’s loads of fun on a ‘no-car’ circuit. If you haven’t tried it before do come and give it a go.

Start time for adult grades will be 6.00PM with kids racing from 5.00PM. There will be four grades, from Beginner through to A Grade, with the lower grade races starting first. This format gives those in the higher grades who have to travel from Wellington (after a hard days slog) a bit more time to get there and warmed up for some fast fun on a summers evening.

There will be an article coming out shortly with full details (and I don’t want to confuse things here with any inaccuracies) so please look out for it to see where you fit in the scheme of things. We hope to see you there.

As with the past races this season if you can pre-enter this is a real help to the organisers. Simply email your name and preferred grade to Club Captain, Doug Barrett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Tuesday mid-day.

If not pre-registered, please do this as soon as possible on the night at the club trailer.

The cost to race is $5 for a licensed rider and $15 for a non-licensed rider. Every rider will be asked to produce their licence so remember to bring it with you.

There are no specific marshals being rostered but one is needed during each race just to ensure traffic entering the car-park does not cross as a race is coming through. Please consider putting your hand up for either the race before or after your own to help everyone out. If this doesn’t work too well, I’ll reconsider the roster idea.

A repeated point: as you will no doubt be aware by now, due to health and safety rules and regulations everyone must be licensed to race. If you are racing, have your licence or licence number with you. If you are already licenced you are covered until 31 December 2016 so it’s time to start thinking about renewing. For complete new-comers you have a three race ‘trial period’ before deciding whether you would like to become part of the club, after which you must be licensed. Click HERE to go to our ‘Join Us’ page for more information.