Wasn’t it nice to be out racing in warm weather at last? So good to drop the arm (and leg) warmers! We had another good turn-out of riders for all grades which is great to see. And it’s really good to see the females riding so strongly and doing consistently well, with Janice taking out third in B Grade after winning C Grade last week, Ange taking second and Di third in C Grade, some woman burgling D Grade (I'm sure race management will be keeping a close eye on her antics) and Emma winning E Grade for the second week in a row. Great work. How about we infiltrate A Grade next week ladies?

Thank you to the marshals who were rostered on and showed up with a smile – even those who hadn’t actually heard they were rostered (thanks Mike J) and to the set-up guys who do such a great job each week.

A Grade – Four Laps

Lap 1:   14:11

Lap 2:   29:48

Lap 3:   44:59

Finish   1.00:08

1.    53 Pete Wilkinson

2.    7 Dominic Donald

3.   22    Vaughan Pretorius

4.   3      Tristan Ratcliffe


B Grade – Four Laps

Lap 1:   15:00

Lap 2:   29:58

Lap 3:   45:15

Finish   1.00:13

1.    25    Dwight Garton

2.    29    Andy Ross

3.    4      Janice Hill

4.    60    Gary Clarebut

5.    63    Andrew Anson

6.    50    Adrian McKenzie

7.    14    Rob Paulin

8.    34    Leon Goodwyn

9.    413  Ryan Gardner

10.  16   Lee Pownall

11.    5    Richard Graham


C Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:  15:54

Lap 2:  31:39

Finish   48:05

1.    530    Simon Lusk

2.    379    Ange Bell (48.06)

3.    6        Dianna Borman

4.    30      David Green

5.    73      John Pratt

6.    93     Des Batten (50.04)


D Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:   17:16

Lap 2:   34:34

Finish   51:36

1.    28 Glynis Te Maipi-Kemp

2.    24 Guy Forrest

3.    19 Howard Davies

4.    12    Mick McKelvie

5.    40    Russell Hayes

6.    62    Jeff Eaton

7.    32    Deb Fynn

DNF. 66 Doug Barrett


E Grade – One Lap

Finish   23:59

1.    20 Emma Wilkinson


Next Tuesday, 15 November 2016, we are back at it again with the same start time of 6.30PM. Pre-entering is going well and helping the organisers so please email your name and preferred grade to our Club Captain, Doug Barrett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Tuesday mid-day.

If you are unable to pre-register, there will be time from about 5.30PM to do this at the club trailer.

The cost to race is $5 for a licensed rider and $15 for a non-licensed rider. Every rider will be asked to produce their licence so remember to bring it with you.

Marshal Roster I am adding the roster to the results in case emails are not read in time or, for some reason, I have the incorrect address. So, for Tuesday 15 November the marshals rostered are:

  • Guy Forrest

  • Dom Donald

  • Howard Davies

  • Ryan Gardner

Thank you in advance and I will send an email out to you as well.

A repeated point: due to the ever-increasing health and safety rules and regulations everyone must be licensed to race. The grace period (to 1 November) to allow people to sort this has now well finished so please, if you are racing, have your licence or licence number with you. If you are already licenced you are covered until 31 December 2016 so just renew as per normal before that time. For complete new-comers you have a three race ‘trial period’ before deciding whether you would like to become part of the club, after which you must be licensed. Click HERE to go to our ‘Join Us’ page for more information.