This week the weather was kind and we had a good turn-out of riders for all grades for some hard, and hopefully fun, racing. Riders also received their new race numbers, kindly provided by Sam and Candice of Avanti Plus Kapiti Coast as part of their sponsorship of the club through to December. This is your number for the summer season so please make sure you bring it with you for each race.

 Thank you to all who marshaled, set-up and took down traffic management signs and cones, took registration and managed the whole night. This is a big undertaking, with people starting at 3PM to set up and not getting away until more than an hour after race finish, all to enable us to have a well-run, safe and enjoyable ride.


A Grade – Four Laps

Lap 1: 14:26 (this is an approx. time)

Lap 2:   29:33

Lap 3:   44:49

Finish   1.00:13


1.            22           Vaughan Pretorius

2.            13           Paul Rawlinson

3.            3             Tristan Ratcliffe

4.            56           Neil Harwood

5.            18           Sam Wilkinson

6.            10           Mike Jeppeson

7.            47           Tony Levaggi

8.            53           Pete Wilkinson

9.            7             Dominic Donald

10.          33          Sam King-Turner


B Grade – Four Laps

Lap 1:  18:28

Lap 2:  33:57

Lap 3:   49:30

Finish   1.04:39


1.            25           Dwight Garton

2.            2             Greg Cundy

3.            15           Jon Cox

4.            16           Lee Pownall

5.            14           Rob Paulin

6.            21           Ricky Field

7.            34           Leon Goodwyn

8.            5             Richard Graham

9.            29           Andy Ross

10.          17          Ryan Gardner (finish time 1.08:43)


C Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:  22:17

Lap 2:  39:22

Finish   45:51


1.            4             Janice Hill

2.            8             Ange Bell (finish time 45:53)

3.            26           Dave Chandler (finish time 45:55)

4.            19           Howard Davies

5.            14           Rob Paulin

DNF.      6              Dianna Borman


D Grade – Three Laps

Lap 1:  27:16

Lap 2:  46:39

Finish   1.03:25


1.            49          Paul Grout

2.            9            Grace Seywell

3.            66          Doug Barrett

4.            24          Guy Forrest

5.            23          Howard Duff

6.            12          Mick McKelvie

DNF.      12           Steve Gregan


E Grade – One Lap

Finish   30:18


1.            20           Emma Wilkinson


This Tuesday coming, 8 November 2016, we have the same format again. Start time is 6.30PM. If you know you are going to race please consider pre-entering by emailing your name and preferred grade to our Club Captain, Doug Barrett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Tuesday mid-day. This makes management of the race a little easier and smoother for our organisers.

If you are unable to pre-register, there will be time from about 5.30PM to do this at the club trailer.

The cost to race is $5 for a licensed rider and $15 for a non-licensed rider. Every rider will be asked to produce their licence so remember to bring it with you.

A point to note: due to the ever-increasing health and safety rules and regulations everyone must be licensed to race. The grace period (to 1 November) to allow people to sort this has now finished so please, if you are racing, have your licence or licence number with you. If you are already licenced you are covered until 31 December 2016 so just renew as per normal before that time. For complete new-comers you have a three race ‘trial period’ before deciding whether you would like to become part of the club, after which you must be licensed. Click HERE to go to our ‘Join Us’ page for more information.



Marshals will be rostered on (from those who have raced already) and if your name is picked you will receive an email from me. Please find a replacement if you cannot be there yourself. Thanks to those who have picked a date to marshal, you will be rostered for that day.