Race One done and dusted.

Big thanks to everyone who made the race possible - there's a lot of work goes into putting on races each week and that effort means we get to race.   So huge thanks to the marshals, the race management, registration, course set up and take down, traffic management, result compiling etc.  

Can I put out a reminder that there are a number of people who are racing and taking advantage of what the club does - and who aren't licenced riders.   If you are new - that's fantastic and we welcome you along for a few races while you are trying it out.  But if you have raced with us before, you aren't in that category and YOU MUST BE A LICENCED RIDER to race.  You can either be a member of our club, or another in order to get a race licence.   Our insurance doesn't cover you if you aren't licenced - and it isn't fair to take advantage of all the work that goes in (that I've detailed above) and not contribute to that effort at all.   It isn't expensive to join - far, far cheaper than most other clubs I know about.  There are some serial offenders in this category and it has to stop.  We prefer it if you did the right thing.

You can go HERE to become a member of us and get a race licence.  It's painless and you get all these amazing benefits and will be contributing to the vibrancy of the club.

 Rant over :)

Click HERE to see the results. Unfortunately the comments aren't working - but please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any general comments about the racing you'd like to share.

Well done to everyone who raced.

We'll see you all next week for more of the same...