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Ride Report – Nga Manu – 12 October

Written by Neil Harwood – co Race Manager (along with Grace Saywell)

Photos courtesy of Mark Frickleton

SC RossPete

A cool night saw numbers down but 13 keen athletes turned up and mother Nature surprised us with a nice night, if a little on the cool side.

The Social Circuit took off at 6.10 to complete 8 laps at a comfortable pace. Pete Gibbs and Ross Jackson were our ‘Team Social’ this week and these two joined by a number of riders from the other grades as they used this time to warm up. Both riders set a good pace and worked well together, with Ross taking a decisive lead over the last ‘hot lap’. We may see a few more join the Social Circuit next week, at least that’s what I hear...D LiamTony

The other grades, D, C, B, and A were set off next. Oh, that’s right – there were no A Graders – I wonder if it was a bit too chilly for them?

D Graders, young Liam Parkes, and Clive Brugh, set a nice steady pace over the 8 laps, with Tony Levaggi riding along for company.

These guys were eventually caught around lap 4 by the solid C Grade contingent of 6 riders. Around this time also, Lee Pownall took a flier off the front, riding strongly, and keeping away for the remaining laps.

C LeeAdrian



It was on the last of the 8 laps that B Grade duo, Gary Clareburt and Jonathan Neal, riding a tough two-up effort, caught the main bunch, with Dwight Garton finding the pace a little tough. But it was Lee who kept his head down and crossed the line first, about 8 seconds ahead of Gary, followed by Ricky Field from C Grade then Jonathan from B.





Across the line:

Grade Placing Name Laps
C 1 Lee Pownall 8
B 2 Gary Clareburt 8
C 3 Ricky Field 8
B 4 Johnathan Neal 8
C 5 Andy Ross 8
C 6 Janice Hill 8
C 7 Tristan Ratcliffe 8
D 8 Clive Brugh 8
C 9 Adrian McKenzie 8
D 10 Liam Parkes 8
D 11 Tony Levaggi 8


By Grade:

Grade Placing Name Laps
Social Circuit 1 Ross Jackson 8
Social Circuit 2 Peter Gibbs 8
D 1 Clive Brugh 8
D 2 Liam Parkes 8
D   Tony Levaggi 8
C 1 Ricky Field 8
C 2 Andy Ross 8
C 3 Janice Hill 8
B 1 Gary Clareburt 8
B 2 Jonathan Neal 8
B 3 Dwight Garton 8