Kapiti Cycling Club

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Paul Rawlinson - Manager for this event has written the following. His thoughts on Tuesday night. It's a great read! Thanks PR.


It’s easy. No,really. It is.

You take the speed of the slowest bunch, divide that by the distance and multiply it by the number of laps.

Then you take the speed of the fastest bunch, take off their previous handicap, multiply by the number of laps and then subtract the difference.

Before that (like, a couple of weeks before that) you make sure traffic management is going to be in  place.

Really, that is the easy part.

The tricky part is remKCC1embering to tell people how to get round the course

The next tricky part is sending 23 people out on the course at different times.

The other tricky bit is wrangling the last-minute-stand-in-marshall (thanks Grace!) ‘s dog

And then counting the number of laps. For four different groups. Going at 7 different speeds.

Another tricky bit is keeping the times

And counting the laps

And predicting the finish

And recording the finish when the riders lack the consideration to parade across the line in the predicted order

And taking photos

And writing down numbers

And giving out results

And counting the laps.

And remembering to thank Grace. And Dave. And Janice. And Gary. And the others.

And Count The Laps!!!

Really. It’s easy. Apart from counting the laps. That bit seems quite tricky.


A warm, warm Kapiti Welcome  to a whole bunch of new comers. It was really great to see you there, and I hope you had some kind of fun.

After a great course set up from Dave Downer and Gary (and probably other people too), and a smooth, seamless registration run by Janice and another helper,  in the shadow of an expressway underpass tactics were discussed, plans were made, instructions ignored and lines were toed.

8 D graders, with 4 new comers, and a late comer lined up. Late addition Alvirg looked too young, lean, and fast to be keeping that kind of company, and so it would prove. They set off with a hiss and a slight growl while C grade, full of burglars, trackies and other ne’er-do-wells champed at their bits. Science and caution were thrown to the wind, and in order to save too many tooth marks on their bits C grade were set off at a very generous 2min 30 sec later.

B grade languished in the shadows while Katie calculated CoD’s, Peak Watts and threshold BPM’s.

C grade passed for the start of their second lap (At this stage, due to the undemanding nature of getting to 2, lap counting was still pretty much on course) and B grade set off in their wake, with Katie hunting them down like a guided missile 30 seconds later.

The early pace showed as D grade fragmented, but with sweating brow and rictus like grins, they battled gamely on while chaos played out around them.

C Grade over took D grade, on Lap 3 for D, but lap 2 for B grade. B grade over took C grade on lap 2 for them, but 3 for C. Katie lapped D and C but never made it to B in spite of charging to within 10 seconds of them on lap 3 for B (4 for C, and 3 for some of D)

Meanwhile the dog needed to chase rabbits.

B grade played a mean game and pressed harder on the pedals than Katie, and even harder than C grade. But they still didn’t make it to the front of the race. Gary did, but it turned out he wasn’t at the front, he was half way in, but a lap ahead of some of D, half a lap down on C, and a few seconds ahead of James. And Euan. And Leon. But the bell had rung.


C grade put KCC8on a very cool display of team riding, losing Adrian and Ryszard, but gaining Dave Downer in a calculated jump up the standings, position and chaos.

John Rowlinson rode a very charitable ride and showed the ropes to Andrew Lowe, Clive and Frances looked shattered, Katie was broken, and Janice was first woman home. Grant Hagget showed a tracky’s guile and won the sprint for first place followed closely by Jonathan Neil and Tony Levaggi. Other people followed and the dog sat quietly by the trailer.

Thank you all for turning up, riding hard and fair, and being enthusiastic, and light-hearted.

Thanks as ever to the race committee, to the guys who set the course up and take it down, and Grace.

Thank you to the guys at PEL for getting the Traffic management expedited in a decidedly un-bureaucratic time span!



See you next week!


Grade Placing Name Time Laps
C 1 Grant Haggett 28.40 7
C 2 Jonathan Neil 28.40 7
C 3 Tony Levaggi 28.40 7
C 4 Ricky Field 28.40 7
C 5 Janice Hill 28.40 7
C 6 Andy Ross 28.40 7
C 7 Tristan Ratcliffe 28.40 7
D 8 Dave Downer 31.10 7
C 9 Adrian McKenzie 34.55 7
C 10 Ryszard Balejko 34.55 7
D 11 Alvirg ?? 37.25 7
D 12 Justin Fraser Unknown 7
D 13 Doug Barrett Unknown 7
D 14 Frances de Hair Unknown 7
D 15 Clive Brugh Unknown 7
D 16 John Rowlinson 31.49 6
D 17 Andrew Lowe 31.49 6
D DNF Pete Gibbs   3


Grade Placing Name Time Laps
B 1 Gary Clareburt 24.01 6
B 2 James de Hair 24.01 6
B 3 Euan Mason 24.01 6
B 4 Leon Goodwin 24.01 6
A 5 Katie Richardson 23.54 6