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With the great success of our first Drop of Thanks initiative through Te Horo, we are looking to 'do it all again', this time to the roads of Reikorangi, which are regularly ridden by most of us, whether training or out for a social ride.

As before, the idea is to bake and deliver biscuits with a message saying 'Thanks for driving safely around us".

So we are asking for the support of the Kapiti cycling community to bake very simple chocolate chip biscuits (to a recipe we all must follow) and/or help deliver to the homes on the roads through the Reikorangi Valley, namely; Mangone South Road, Ngatiawa Road, Kents Road and Terrace Road.  If we have an abundance of biscuits we will head up the Akatawara Road as well.

All it takes from those of you who would like to spread the message is to commit to baking some biscuits (we'll supply the recipe and necessary instructions) and bring them, on Friday the 28th of August, to a drop-off point AND/OR you may wish to help package and deliver the biscuits.  (A note to those who baked last time; the recipe will be halved this time, so each batch will be 24 biscuits)

Please share this information with other cyclists (or supporters) who you think may be interested in getting involved in this great initiative.

We had a great success with our first Drop of Thanks, it did exactly as we hoped and we got a lot of very positive feedback.  With this initiative, coupled with our Note of Thanks, we aim to bring some positivity to the relationship between all road users.  We generally only ever hear about when bikes and cars clash.   Let's give back a little to those responsible car, truck and bus drivers who look after the more vulnerable road users.

We will perform this drop of biscuits on Saturday the 29th August.  Residents will receive a bag of half a dozen biscuits in their mailbox, with a little note of thanks from all athletes.  They can read about the 'A Drop of Thanks' project by visiting the website link listed on the note (click HERE to see that link) and also find more information about sharing the road. Cyclists involved in the project are reminded of their responsibility to be courteous and polite riders.

We will have a  drop-off point where bakers can take their finished product to - the day before the delivery takes place.  Once the biscuits are dropped off, they will be bagged into paper bags and the message of thanks will be added to the bag.  We'll then be all set for delivery the next morning.   

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that you (or someone you know) are keen to bake and the approximate amount.  This will mean we can keep tabs on how many homes we are able to drop to.  We will send you the instructions on what to bake, where the drop-off point is - and when. (due to regulations - we must all use the same recipe)

If you are not able to bake, but still want to be involved - we need volunteers to bag biscuits and help deliver on the day, so get in touch at the above address. 

While the Kapiti Cycling Club is organising and facilitation the project - we would really love any and all cyclists (and anyone who cares about them) on the Kapiti Coast to jump on this initiative and "doughnate" by; baking biscuits, helping with collection and bagging, or getting involved by helping to deliver biscuits on the day.  The message of thanks that's included with the biscuits will be from "Kapiti Cyclists".

Click HERE to go to the 'A Drop of Thanks' home page.