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It is important that we all do our part to keep our roads and pathways safe.  Cyclists have a job to do, motorists have a job to do and so do pedestrians.  We all have a duty of care for each other.


For Cyclists

Courtesy on the road

Every time you ride, you have an opportunity to contribute to a cycle friendly culture.  It is important to ride with courtesy and respect for all other cyclists and motorists.  Make sure you are visible at all times, clearly show your intentions and consider your position on the road if you are impeding other traffic.  Thank other road users when you can!  For example, let them know you are happy they waited for you by waving, smiling, or giving them a 'thumbs up'.  This will make sharing the road easier for everyone.  

Just like Motorists, you must obey the Road Rules.  Ride predictably and indicate to motorists in plenty of time before changing direction.  Did you know that:

  • Cyclists who fail to obey the road rules put themselves at great risk of serious injury
  • Cyclists can be very difficult for motorists to see - especially at night.  Make yourself visible.
  • Motorists need plenty of warning if you intend to change direction.


For Motorists

Cyclists are legitimate road users and are as entitled to use the roads as motorists are.  The vast majority of cyclists also drive cars.  Did you know that:

  • Cyclists are allowed to ride two abreast when riding on the road
  • Cyclists may have to use the whole lane to make themselves more visible to you, especially through intersections and roundabouts
  • Cyclists often travel faster than you think (25km/hr or more) 

When you are driving you should

  • Be patient and give cyclists plenty of clearance when passing
  • Check twice behind you for cyclists before opening your car door or reversing

Same Rights  Same Rules  Same Roads

Some important Documents:
Check out the 'A Drop Of Thanks' Project to see how we adding a bit of sweetness and positivity by simply thanking people.  Click HERE, or on the logo below.