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Peka Peka Graded Racing - Race 1
Tuesday 24 October 2017, 06:00pm
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For the next 6 Tuesday nights, we are running Graded Racing on the Peka Peka circuit

Graded racing means you will be starting with riders of similar ability and you will be racing only against the people who start in your group. There will be various distances for the different grades.

Taking place on our Peka Peka circuit the start (and finish) is at the south end of Rutherford Drive (you will see cars parked and the cycle club trailer on the side of the road)

Peka Peka Circuit

There will A, B, C & D grade racing. Each lap is 10km. Four laps for A & B grade, 3 laps for C & D. For D grade only, we are introducing a no drop policy for the first two laps. You ride as a bunch for the first two laps ensuring no one is dropped. At the start of the third lap, the race is on! There is no reason not to give it a go and what is the worst that will happen - you get dropped on the last lap! 


Racing starts at 6:00PM initially, but we will push it out to 6.30PM in November when there is more light available. We request people to pre-enter to make management of the start times etc. a little easier for our organisers. If for some reason you are unable to pre-register, there will be time from about 5.30 to do this at the club trailer. You only need to pre-register once for the entire series

Register here


We will be using our timing system, so please remember to bring your timing tag. If you happen to have multiple timing tags by some chance, we would love to have your extras dropped in to the club trailer on race night as we are short on stock and they are very expensive for the club to buy. If you don't have a timing tag, they are $15 to buy


The cost to race is $5 for a club member and $10 for a non-member. We will no longer require a Cycling NZ licence to compete in our club racing, but we will require you to be a paid up member of a cycling club, unless you are using the 3 ride grace period to try out racing

To members of other clubs who regularly compete in our events, it is worthwhile considering taking out a secondary membership with us as you will save $5 every event you race in.  It won't take much racing to have a "free" membership or at least one at a a highly reduced cost

See you there!