A smaller number of riders last night at the new time of 6.30pm. Maybe the forecasted gale winds put some off? Well it was windy, especially across the ponds, but racing was fine

We combined A & B together, and the plan was to stick together for the first two laps and then see what happens. It happened just before the end of the 2nd lap (wait does sound like go!)

Thanks to Mick, Adrian & Andrew for set-up and set-down, plus Dwight for his hand at the end too. It was getting close to dark with the late start, so any help at the end is much appreciated 

A & B

1st Peter Wilkinson (A)

2nd Andrew Anson (A)

3rd Camden Feint (A)

4th Jon Cox (B)

5th Leon Goodwin (A) - nice lead out practice for Saturday!

6th Dwight Gardner (B)

Guessing from here sorry, correct me if wrong.....

Greg Cundy 

Adrian McKenzie

Janice Hill

Tony Levaggi

Diana Borman


1st Harrison Steedman

2nd John Pratt

3rd Mike Watson/Ernst Pretorious

No other placings sent to me sorry


1st Kerry N

2nd Mick McKelvie

3rd Mark Frickleton

4th Ann Bould